Monday, May 8, 2017

Samsung 6

I have had my Samsung 6 phone for two years now.  Made the last payment today.  Have gone thru two lifetime warrantied plastic glass covers, and three safety covers.  I made the last payment today.
I had stopped into the corporate offices to have the latest ZAGG lifetime guaranteed glass cover put on for me.  Did I mention I made the last payment today.  While I was there I purchased  a new safety cover.  I was sitting with the Geek kid on one side of his cubby when I took my old cover off and laid it next to the new cover.  I looked at him and back at the two covers laying side by side on the desk..... I said in embarrassment:  "I tried to clean it.  I put it in the washing machine, the dishwasher, and soaked it in bleach.  It looks like a Nursing Home!  You know, all yellow and brown and it should have been discarded or dead long long ago. " Yes he laughed.  I said, "Dang thing has liver disease."  I feel I should go wash my hands again so I don't get it dirty. (I had just used the rest room and washed my hands)  He mentioned I could have purchased the black one.  I said, "No, girls don't like black."  He said, "Oh yes they do!"   And I said nothing because I felt a twinge of he meant something else.  He was trying to make a funny.  Maybe I should have bought the black one..  As I have gotten older, to say the least, I have learned what shows dirt and what doesn't.  Even emotional dirt...  And once again I failed at the test.

And this is the other cover my boyfriend (he is over 60 so what do I call him?) bought me at $80.00.
First time I dropped it.....broke.  I loved that cover.
The dirty one I replaced was $20 and it has saved me a ton of $$$.  So I have evolved and learned. I just need to replace it more often.  Eewww.  Did I mention I made my last payment today.

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