Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Ghost on Terrace Avenue

Today was like any other ordinary day not that I didn't wish for it to be more or even less depending on the subject matter.  I worked until mid afternoon, stopped at the second hand store only to find nothing, then the bank to deposit less then the usual weeks wage.  Thought about stopping for some groceries but turned that idea to the wind and went home.  As I pulled into the underground parking I wondered when the next time I would leave it would be.  I do like order and I like to know what's next but today I didn't have that privilege as tomorrow was a no work day with no plans. I unloaded the car, pulled the little Grannie cart full of to do's to the elevator and then first floor.  Unlocked the door to 101 to greet the oncoming rush of my three roommates. Gracie Allen, 7 lb. non yippee Chihuahua Pekingese mix, Bob the 11 pound rescue tiger cat, and Lucy Lou the beautiful "Snowshoe" rescue from the family funny farm.  Yes they all come to greet me!  Sometimes its annoying but mostly its swell.  Next I take Gracie out to podie.....  Today in Wisconsin we had sunshine.  Write that down because it is as rare around here lately as it is to hear TRump tell the truth.

Back to my point which I haven't even made yet but was headed for.  Gracie and I head out due East. ( A little drama)   We walked two blocks when I decided to turn back.  I could see someone walking toward us in the far distance but it wasn't a very clear image.  I recall thinking I might need new glasses because danged if I could get a clear vision of the person.  It was obvious this person was not walking normally.  I had an eerie feeling especially considering we were on a face to face collision course.  The closer we got the more eerie it got.  I considered crossing the street then unconsidered it as each step made that option impossible. It was too late.  Dear God what was that "thing" coming toward me?  I decided to pick Grace up ten paces before it struck us.  Did I think it would strike us?  No, but I sure knew something was not right.   I could not tell if "it" was a he or a she.   The closer "it" got caused me to shudder a hundred times under my skin. Ghost bumps as big as golf balls on every part of my being.  Swirls of fear and the anticipation of possible death surrounded me.  Drama?  Oh yes and no...."It" was real. "It" had long hair.  A hoodie over the hair and light gray eyes with dark dark circles surrounding them.  Really dark circles. A drawn sunken gray face to match the eyes.

  This person or thing walked not with a limp but with each step it placed all its body weight on first the left, then the right making it appear as though the legs were stiff or the hips didn't give even a centimeter.  The right hand held a small bag of just purchased something....and the left hand was hanging very low with its fist clenched. It come closer and closer until finally at my front left side.  I said, "Good afternoon."  "It" said NOTHING.  A cold forward stare sent more golf ball chills thru me like the cold icy winter wind of a blizzard.  There was no way I could continue walking in the opposite direction of "it."  I whirled around facing "it"  as I walked backwards holding Gracie.  "It" person never missed a beat...just walked like a robot down the sidewalk.  I remember thinking what if "it" turns around like I did and see's me walking backwards stalking "it."  Well I wasn't stalking, but I was unsure for sure. I considered following "it" to make sure "it" had a home "it" was going to.  Or to make sure "it" was real and not a ghost or dear God an Angel in disguise because I would have failed that test for real today.

I enjoy the paranormal but I am also cautious of "it".  Today was cautious day. The person I encountered was not friendly nor was it normal in appearance in any way. "It" was the most evil thing I have seen in person in a long long time if ever.  But in thinking on it rationally I wonder if "it" wasn't merely an old woman with no vehicle going to the PDQ for bread.  Nawh, it was an old man that went to the liquor store for a bottle of Wodka!  Or was "it" the ghost of Terrace Avenue and I am one of the few selected humans who have gotten to see it show itself.  Only the strong evil ones can manifest themselves after passing.  Regardless,  "It" thang scared the beegeebeeze outta me today.  Not that I would have changed a thing though.  I am thankful to be alive and cautious. I always say, "There are two being buried at the Regent Street Cemetery and one being dug for."  I'm good.
P.S.  This is a true story.
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