Monday, December 26, 2016

The Million Dollar Diane Ogden

This Chandelier really isn't a million dollars.  But it might as well be because it is $1,000.00.  I was looking through Craig's List today and happened upon this beautiful chandelier listed at $1,000.00. And it noted the crystals are Swarovski.  Really?  Well I guess I have had a Swarovski thousand dollar Chandelier hanging in my bedroom all these years.  And I got mine at the resale shop for $75.00.

I called this post The Million Dollar Chandelier because that is one of my favorite phrases....  Whether at the drive up banking teller or at J.C. Penney.  Whenever I am asked if there is anything else they can do for me I inevitably say, "Yes, a MILLION DOLLARS please."  It always brings a smile to the teller or clerk.  

So either I have an authentic Swarovski  Crystal Chandelier glistening and dancing above my head like a million in my bedroom, or the person on Craig's list is going to take someone for a fancy ride on a crystal chandeliers "tale." 
Either way, I love mine. 
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