Sunday, November 27, 2016

Middleton, Wisconsin........"Coming Home!"

Okay, so I have moved twice in the past six months due to personal issues.  Before that I lived in the same place for thirteen plus years.

I found a place to call home in Middleton, Wisconsin.  I hated it before I ever arrived....but that had to do with the unresolved personal issues.  And to be honest I hated it or I should say I didn't feel I belonged here for quite some time.  (I would say sixty days from the day I stood in here staring at the lease for at least ten minutes plus with the most anxiety I have felt since I crossed the Mississippi Bridge thirty years plus ago)  But then as I started moving things in and residents came to me in hallways inviting me to coffee's and luncheons and Christmas Cookie affairs, as well as they came introducing themselves in the underground parking, outside dog walking, entrances, and elevator!  I began (duh) to notice the unusual friendliness.  I cannot say I have ever experienced that anywhere I have ever lived in my life...  I have experienced it at Corporate positive sales meetings.  But this was a far cry from that!  You only know what I am talking about if you have ever experienced it.  Sort of like a multi-level push team go go pep rally. No Seriously.  Maybe that means I am where I am supposed to be.  Ya' think?

A few days after moving in..... One of my neighbors who is actually a high school classmate who came by with two of the most amazing cupcakes I have ever eaten in my life from Blooms Bakery.  And now I will have to FIGHT off that desire daily for however long I live here..  In fact I eat less all week so I can indulge in at least two of them on the weekend.  I tell you its worse then when I used to smoke years ago...  Yup for real, my weakness is cake and cupcakes are itty bitty cakes.  I'm so screwed!

I am not sure I have ever blogged about my love of trains.  Well I love trains.  My Grandfather loved trains enough to have the HO set up right down to the grain cars at the Mill getting loaded with real grain. Not to mention real smoke coming out of the old engines.  What's my point?  The window in my office where I am typing this is a mere umpteen feet from the tracks where I get to hear the whistle and roar of the wheels a couple times a day. Add to that the view of the old train station is within a stones throw. It is all good and very peaceful.

Also, The famous POLAR EXPRESS happens about a mile from me here in Middleton.  You can board a train, go for a ride with the kiddos, receive Santa, Elves, and treats in a festive atmosphere.

I walked to downtown Old Middleton today which is a whole block away. Stopped at the local florist whose owner is Tiffany.  She also does Interior Designing.  She talked to me like I was her family. Gave me a rose on my way out when she learned I was new to town, not to mention lived in her back yard.

And then it was onto the Middleton Dress Shop.  And then to another...where the owner took the time to show me how to "DO" these new neck scarves the size of Alaska.  I think I will need to buy some of them soon.  I like them more now that I have the knowledge of how to wrap 'em.

Had some errands that took me to Middleton Ace Hardware, ALIAS: Wolfe Kubly and Hursig:  My Lord you can do some serious shopping there.  Also noticed a Community Pharmacy in the same strip mall where I just might be able to get some lactose free medicine! And a place called SAVVY.  They sell gently used furniture and clothing.  Fun place.

The most up to date (I prefer the old-town) shopping is at Greenway Station.  So many shops. Anything you need you can find except groceries. I did find a creative key hanger...  But I left behind something I have always wanted since mine broke as a kid.... A HUGE PINK PIGGY BANK....I may go back and get it.  Screw appropriate age issue.  I had it in my cart when I suddenly felt I put it back. Ding Ding Ding wrong thought!

Did I mention they have a special little restaurant for Italian food, a special one for pizza, and a couple of little bars for the locals. Not that I would frequent.  Well I might.

What's my point?  I have to say I have never lived or experienced such kindness, such reaching out, such friendliness...such PEACE anywhere ever in my life.  I am home.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  My Grandma and Grandpa Jungbluth are buried at St. Luke's Cemetery less then a mile from my place.  And, my ancestors from Germany settled  here in the 1800's.  Half the family went to Nebraska and the other half right here in good old Middleton, Wisconsin. In fact my landlord has done business and is acquainted with my first cousin and my Father's God son, Richard Hinricks.  Imagine that!

Soo....  I am here to stay for  awhile.  I love it. I am at home.  I am at peace. I am happy.  I am Thankful. Now all I need is about a Million Dollars.
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