Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Red Tailed Hawk. (came in a dream) Diane Ogden

I was kneeling on one knee on the lawn of my apartment complex.  I was holding a child.   My two grown sons were on top of one of the buildings watching quite an unbelievable scene about to take place. 

Something spiritual made me look up.  That is when I found myself watching the most beautiful Leucistic Red Kite Hawk soaring downward toward me.  I should have been frightened but I was not.  The site of his huge, what seemed bigger than life wingspan of brown and white feathers came closer and closer.  The feathers were so vivid to my eyesight I am sure he came from another world.
And then, he landed directly before and aside me.  I still wasn't frightened.  I can still see the intensity of his eyes as I write this memory.  He leaned his majestic white head toward me and touched the child's head with his.  I knew he had come with a healing.  I reached out and touched his neck.  I could feel his strength through the dense feathers.  He allowed me to stroke his neck with my fingers.  That is when I heard the boys holler down,  "Is that a Hawk?"  

I was afraid to shout back that it was.  I didn't wish to disturb our heavenly connection.  I did not respond to my sons, rather I loudly said, "Dad!"   My intention as I recall now was to call my Dad to come see this amazing creature.  Or was it me telling my sons it was my Dad who was sitting before me as The Hawk.  I saw my mother in the background at another house being busy and not interested in "The Hawk."   My Dad never came after I called out his name.  That is because he was "The Hawk."  Allowed to come from the here after to assist me at a difficult time. I know this without a shadow of a doubt.

Recently I had experienced some real life on earth problems with a few people.  My Dad was not pleased with all the naughty little attacking birds (people) around me.   I believe the child I was holding was myself.  (Who by the way disappeared after the Hawk touched her with his majestic strength......) We all have a child within us no matter our age.  Apparently my little child needed a healing touch.  I must have had  some childhood memories that were holding me back.

I believe in Animal Totems.  When I woke up from this vivid dream at 4:30 a.m. I fixed a cup of decaf with 100% cocoa.  Pulled out my Animal Totem book by Ted Andrews and found the description of The Hawk Totem.  That simply means if you encounter the same animal several times it usually means they are trying to tell you something.  Listen. 

Example:  From page 154 Ted Andrews/Animals Speak
Hawks are occasionally harassed and attacked by smaller birds.  This is very significant for those  who have a hawk as a totem.  It indicates that there are likely to be attacks by people who wont understand you or the varied and different uses  of your creative energy.  They may attack your ability to soar.

That is exactly what was happening to me in real life. 

The Hawk showing me his majestic soaring toward me was also described in the book. 
"Rising to a higher level can bring a rapid development of the psychic energies.  The red-tailed hawk helps us in balancing and using those senses appropriately.  It teaches the balance necessary to discover our true purpose in life.  The hawk is a catalyst, stimulating hope and new ideas."
To the Pueblo Indians, the red-tailed hawk was known as the red eagle.  Its feathers and energies were used in healing ceremonies and for bringing the rains and waters necessary for life.  To the Ojibwa, the red-tailed hawk represented leadership, deliberation, and foresight.  "Hawk is akin to Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant.  Life is sending you signals. The red-tail can spread its wings to a great width, (which I observed in the dream) and it can teach you to use your creative energies in the same way.  It can extend the vision of your life as it did mine.
The sky is the realm of he hawk.  Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the great creator spirit.  It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative purpose.
When something comes from heaven there is no way to find a photo to represent it properly.  The strength isn't of an earthly nature.  The colors are not of an earthly nature.  I hope my description was enough to show my visitor was real.  Love you Dad, Thank you!
Top photo from Lois of Flickr.

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