Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Cardboard Box.... Chapter of Diane Ogden

I woke up in the back seat of what I figured was a Mafia owned limousine.  Just thinking that was beyond frightening as well as a definite understatement. 

Hey wait a minute, what about the judge?  What about aiding and abetting a federal prisoner?  What about bonds money?  Something was very fishy I was thinking to myself.  Due to the abduction I knew I would certainly be put into federal prison for leaving town before my hearing.  Someone once again had broken the law for me without my permission.  I felt like a boat with no motor headed for a large massive waterfall.  This was definitely not the standard "cardboard box" I usually found myself in.  No those were self made by acting before thinking.  The combo of my personal emotions and intelligence always left me in the wake without a good life preserver.  Okay so I am exaggerating on the life death thing a bit, until I met Roger that is.  And lets not forget Becker and Biggs.  Duke has been the only good thing so far to came out of my trip to see and live near the big city lights. 

By any good guess I figured the Fed's would probably lock me up in a prison somewhere in the desert.  The only lights I would ever see are those search lights waving back and forth looking for escapee's.  Use to be I would tell myself to stop thinking but I decided what the hell harry?  I had no place to go at that moment in time.  And it looked like not much to look forward to either.

So, there we were.  Cruisin' down the highway in fancy wheels with an authentic colored driver who wore dark tortoise framed sunglasses, a small blue limousine drivers hat right out of the movies  and a perfect little blue blazer jacket with some sort of gold emblem on the pocket. His reflection had bounced off the speedometer glass and onto the glass partition between the large man with the deep voice and Duke and me.  Probably some Italian Family Crest of major importance that I could have cared less about.  Not to mention lame ratfink Roger who appeared to be grooving to music of some sort in the front seat.  No sweat Mr. Nifty Roger!  And then the hacked off set in on me once again.  If I was going to prison I might as well sock it to the Mafia too. 

And so it was on that sunny day outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. I lifted my bag and began hitting fat man big boy boss next to me.  Duke had gone and turned into a barking wild maniac.  I supposed he might have wondered where his next meal was going to come from after my rampage off the wall thinking I could beat up the big guy.  I had known I could not do enough damage to escape, but danged if I was going down the river without a fight.  And fight I had.  I messed that old boys hair up bad.  I kicked him, put my knee into his fat squishy private area, scratched his face and poked him in the nose for real.  And as hard as I fought, I fell.  Once again the lights had gone out on Julianna. 

My eyes were open, but as I recall I was surely seeing heaven.  I was dead!  I had done it this time.  The good book had been right about golden buildings and beautiful colors. They were reflecting throughout the room as rays of pure colored sunshine like I had never seen on my earth.  There were no golden streets but then I hadn't gotten that far yet.  I was lying on a cloud waiting for my deceased father to come help me and hoping he wasn't the same jerk he used to be on earth.  Just as I had that thought, there he came walking through the door toward me and with him was the prettiest all in white Angel I had ever seen.  But then I had never seen one until now.  So far being dead wasn't so bad.   The beautiful Angel circled around the right side of my cloud to lean in nearer me.  She told me everything was going to be fine, to just relax and rest.  Then she put something cold on my arm at which time I felt a slight pinch.  Humm, I guess we can feel things after we die.  That is the last I recalled of my Father and the Angel that day or even the next. 

What amazing dreams I was having.  I could hear familiar music playing in my head.  Then I heard voices.

"Little Joe, you get on back to the ranch and let Paw know Hoss and I are okay, we got the mine secured."  Then I heard the theme music from a show I used to watch every Sunday night called Bonanza.  At that point I opened my eyes in hopes of seeing my Angel and maybe some golden streets today.  But all I saw was Roger sitting in a chair watching the real Bonanza. 

I sat square up.  Looked him right in the back of his clueless head and spoke. 

"I suspect I am not dead. I suspect you need to make tracks off my cloud right now you flake."

Roger stood up, never looked back, walked calmly out of the room.  Almost at that exact moment a woman dressed in all white with a small folded white cap on over her long tousled red hair sauntered over to my cloud which obviously I am realizing was a bed made of real earthly wood and she was a nurse dressed in whites.   She explained to me how I had exacerbated my concussion and had been medically sustained for several days for healing purposes.  She then removed the IV fluids tube from my arm along with a couple other ones of a very private nature, and wished me well.  I asked her to wait a minute ma'am.  Where am I?  I thought I was dead and that I had gone to heaven.  She explained to me those thoughts were from the medications.  I was a little hacked off 'cause I wanted to see my dad decent at least once in my lifetime.  Even if he was just a decent vapor.  My head became fuzzy again so I missed any further inquiries of the pretty red haired nurse.  But as the minutes passed my normal senses continued coming back.  Where was Duke?  Who was the man I thought was my Dad that came into my room with the Angel nurse?  Why was Roger watching Bonanza in my room?  My room?  Where the heck was I?  Calm down, at least you are not in prison in the desert.  That is when a young girl entered my room with a tray of food.  It smelled like heaven.  I told myself not to use that term again for a while as I was confused enough.   I asked the young girl where I was.  She gave me a look of bewilderment.  I said, "I mean, I had a concussion and these people were kind enough to care for me back to good health, but I cant remember what city this beautiful home is in.  Of course someone had told me but due to the brain injury I forgot things."

The young girl spoke, "Why girl you are at the J-Bar-J Oil and Cattle Company Ranch of all Ranches."

"Is it a Mafia Ranch?" I asked.

The young house maid left the room laughing so hard she wasn't able to speak.  Me, I was dumbstruck.  And just plain confused.  I recall finding, or I should say staggering my way to the window. Yet after being down and out for so long I nearly lost my balance more than once.  That is when I saw it. Out the window I saw it.  It was a sea of oil rigs.  And cattle as far as my eyes could adjust.  Brahmer Cattle.  I had to stretch my brain but I was darn sure those were the ones with the hump on their back like they were half camel.  We didn't have those type cattle in upper Wisconsn. And I saw more than one truck whose sign read;  Angus and Charolais.  I had no clue whether that was a cow or a horse brand.  I discovered I had been nursed back to health at the J-Bar-J Oil and Cattle gold mine.  Every glass, cup, plate, napkin, pillowcase and so on bore the name J-Bar-J Ranch in gold lettering.

But, who was Roger, where was my Pink Cadillac, and I wanted to see my dog Duke right then. And did this mean I was or was not going back to court and onto prison in the desert? 

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