Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Cardboard Box Chapter 8 cont...................property of Diane Ogden

Chapter 8 continued...............

I told Roger if he had anything to do with the "Johnny Law" coming up fast behind my beautiful pink Cadillac taillights I might have to seriously kill his sorry self.  Roger told me to hang lose.  I about had a cow right there on the highway I was so off the wall mad and scared.  Roger didn't seem to be as concerned as I was and that puzzled me.  I guessed he figured I had been speeding but I really had not.  Duke was sitting up at attention from his back seat zone and Roger was staring out the passenger window like he was trying to hide his entire physical and mental being.  Oh God I hoped not.  His lousy thumbing back in Illinois had already caused me one disaster after another.  Just in case "Johnny Law" had stopped me for any other reason than speeding, I whispered toward the backside of Mr. looking out in space head. "Ratfink Roger!"  I believe I shocked him because his head spun around in clear view of myself and at that exact moment in clear view of the heat, also.

Mr. Fuzz was a tall fellow.  Hot too.  Then in a way cool southern accent he said, "May I see your license please."   I recall thinking to myself he could see more than my license if he had wanted to.  I was digging in my purse for my license when I noticed Roger looking out the window again at the empty field.   What was up with him I wondered, but sort of, really did not want to know at this point.  The officer handed me back my license, watched me put it away and then proceeded to tell me in a firm hot southern voice to get out of the car ma'am.  I asked him why and he repeated firmly, "Ma'am, get out of the car."  I wanted to make tracks worse than I ever had in my life.  But considering that was not an option I got out of the car.  Mr. Fuzz then had me turn around towards my beautiful pink Cadillac and at that precise moment he first took my right arm and placed it behind my back and then my left arm at which time he securely handcuffed my pretty wrists together.  I thought I should die right there.  It was as bad as how I had died each time I crossed a bridge with water under it, and equally as bad as the "Ghost of the Outer Edge," when I passed out.  I didn't have many wits left about me but I had enough to notice Roger still looking out the window. Not asking Johnny Law what this was about or to take it easy on the lady.  Nope nothing.  And then my mind flipped to Duke. I pleaded with the trooper who didn't look or sound so hot anymore as to what this was about.  And what was going to happen to my dog and my car.  I told him not to let that guy in my car take it.  He was nothing more to me than a scuzzy riding his thumb across country when I gave him a lift and he had been nothing but trouble since.  That is when the not so hot trooper finally spoke.  He said, "Shut your face lady."   And that is when the tears came forth like giant raindrops falling from the top of the Empire State Building and getting heavier and heavier as them fell in a puddle in my lap.  The kind that hit the windshield like an open hose.  I was in trouble and I didn't know why.  Maybe I should have allowed Roger to finish his story back when he wanted to outside Tulsa, but I hadn't.  So there I was in the middle of America sobbing like a baby in the back seat of a used to be hot State Troopers car.  My nose was running and there was no place or way to wipe it.  The only thing worse was if I had peed myself.   Which I hoped Duke would accommodate the not so hot trooper with.  Just for me Duke, piss on the pig okay? I was trying to use mental telepathy to get my message to Duke.  I should have been praying!

Suddenly the door opened on the other side of the squad car.  The trooper had his huge hand on Rogers head pushing it down into the back seat next to me.  I had kill all over my face which Roger noticed immediately therefore he turned his head once again to hide his secrets by looking out the opposite window. 

The trooper tossed my purse in the back, took my keys and locked up the Cadi. I was screaming for him not to leave my dog out there in the middle of America.  Once again I was told to cool it ma'am.  But this time I didn't.  I kept on and on until I saw him leading Duke by his leash toward me and the blinking reflection of the squad car lights.  I am mentally telling Duke to pee on him Duke, pee on the fuzz for me Duke.  But Duke just peed on the tire as usual which was probably a good thing.  He then put Duke in the squads front seat after locking up the Cadi and we sped off towards a crossover road.  You know one of those police only U turn areas on the highways.  That is when I realized we were headed back to Oklahoma City, USA.

 I was still crying when I heard Roger say to me in a very quiet meek voice, "Hang loose Julianna, everything will be alright, you'll see."  Like I was going to believe Mr. Flake Scuzz.  All I said back to him was nothing.  I just turned my head and looked out the window even though I was glad I had not been in that dreadful back seat by myself.  And I knew Duke was okay so far.  But what was going to happen to him next, I thought.  And me?  Then I started crying again.  I didn't even care if I saw any bright city lights anymore.  I was terrified.  I was headed for the Pokey and when I was offered my one phone call......there was no one to call. 

We drove directly to the human society where I had to watch the trooper walk Duke inside all by himself.  I was beyond distraught yet I didn't have any tears left.   When the trooper came walking out without Duke, he told me they would take good care of him until I could pic him up unless I was sentenced for a long period of time. If that happened he would be adopted out.  And I could pick up my car unless I wasn't able to, at which would time it would be towed and entered into the yearly police auction. 

I knew I was going to die of sheer upset.  My head was spinning and my ears ringing like I had been on a carousel for three days.  Or maybe I time traveled from another country and was just waking up. Surely this was a bad dream.   When my mind allowed me to come back to reality the last rational thought I recalled was rotten Roger, my stolen boom box, a real terrifying ghost, being kidnapped, escaping, being arrested, losing my new dog and the prize possession of my life, my beautiful Pink Cadillac.  Not to mention my nose running in front of a hot State Trooper. 

We were escorted inside a very tall building.  I believe it was the seventh floor we ended up on.  First I was fingerprinted and my picture taken with a runny nose and streams of streaked black mascara down each side of my used to be pretty face.  I had stopped trying to figure out why I was there.  My emotions had left the building until further notice.  Back up on the seventh floor I was taken to a large grey cell with at least ten other women who appeared to be prostitutes.  The handcuffs were removed and I  finally found some toilet paper, and it was just that, hard paper, to blow my nose. 

One of the women in the holding cell said, "Hey dere pretty, what street dey pick you up own?  I doesn't tank we seen you around here befow. What up, cat got yo tongue gurl? 

I told her no cat had my tongue and that I didn't belong there.  They all started laughing at me.   Told me everyone says that.

I noticed a small barred window to my left so I wondered over to check it out and darned if I wasn't right smack in the middle of downtown with a zillion bright city lights as far as I could see.   It was a dazzling sight until I remembered where I was and didn't know why.

And I didn't care where or what happened to Roger.  I never wanted to see him again as long as I lived.  Once again I was stuck in a cardboard box.  Maybe there was an easy way out but this I didn't see.  But then I never did see things clearly until they were past and I could look back.  

Hey, I didn't get my one phone call!    
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