Friday, January 10, 2014

Cynical? Diane Ogden

Well Good Morning Glory!  Not so sure anyone would say that to me anymore.  A few years ago, maybe. 

Full Definition of CYNICAL
: believing that people are generally selfish and dishonest
: selfish and dishonest in a way that shows no concern about treating other people fairly
:  having or showing the attitude or temper of a cynic
a :  contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives cynical
men who say that democracy cannot be honest and efficient — F. D. Roosevelt>
b :  based on or reflecting a belief that human conduct is motivated primarily by self-interest cynical
ploy to win votes>
I am not contemptuous.  Unless I am in the car driving alone.  Or watching Honey Goo Goo!  Or the guy with six wives and 56 children.  Or Politics.  Or stupid housewives of some big city somewhere.  Or magazines that brush away every single wrinkle or spot to the point the person looks like a wax figure.  So perfect I wont buy magazines anymore.  The one that did it was MORE...  It was the pictures of Diane Keaton looking like she was 16 years old.  MORE is a magazine for older women for God sake.  Do not insult my intelligence. Or "cops" that beat up innocent people.  Or weathermen who sensationalize the weather to draw in more viewers. The weathermen are starting to look like crazy soap opera stars in heat.  And danged if it never snows 26 inches.  Only half that.  Or commercials that flat out lie.  Shoes that cost way too much.  Doctors that only give us 15 minutes to see if we are going to safely make it through another day. Veterinarians should wear hoodies and masks because they are flat out robbers.  Dentists that charge insurance companies, not me. Oh I don't have insurance.  Corporations that control my life.  Elections that don't really count votes.  Pressing one for English.  WalMart people.  Tenants that do not pic up their dogs poop.
Religious freaks.  Car Insurance with tacked on Renters Insurance that never pays and if it does your rates double for four years.  Cable TV, namely Charter Communications who change their prices monthly by a few cents to make a few mill. Or double bill me so I have to take out an hours time to call customer service.  Or Magic Jack that quit working after I paid for a year and they have NO phone number to call. Service was great until it quit.  Automatic weapons!  What ever happened to small handgun to protect yourself?  No cure for the Homeless. 
Actually I am a very happy person who has become somewhat cynical.  I am working on it but not sure I will be able to fix it.  I use positive affirmations.  I pray.  I forgive.  Nothing is working so far.
Will stay on it! 
Laters:  Love you all. Morning Glory.   LOL
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