Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I Learned Diane Ogden

Today was an odd day.  It snowed enough to make roads hazardous so I stayed home.  I baked at least 500 cookies, did the laundry, learned from face book why people are overweight (fat) by the recipes they post....   I learned how man has bred dogs unmercilessly to make them what they are today to make money. Even if the dogs are uncomfortable.   I learned there is a road or more than one that is no more than a ledge next to a 2500 foot drop off.  I learned about several pileups on the I System due to snow.  I learned in one of those pileups a small dog was ejected from a vehicle and is lost. Note:  It is freezing outside.   I read about a couple miracles from somewhere in the world.  Got to see a few friends Christmas Trees and one who gave their son an early gift considering they were snowed in.  Watched the State Farm commercial about Jake who calls the husband in the middle of the night and the wife wants to know what Jake is wearing.
How to keep fleas out of my house.   Many people telling of Dove sightings under Pine Trees.  Some Instagram pics and definitely some political bull chit.  I got to watch my neighbors video of someone plowing over their mailbox. (they have a window cam I guess as every year someone kills their mailbox!)  How Border Collies make their own fun.  Heck so do I!
Football scores. Someone doing a handstand for four minutes.  Whoopie Doopie.  No really, I am happy for them.  How to get rid of arm jiggle (yah right long as your in your 30's) How an Elephant saved a kitten from a river.  A lady with one brown eye and one blue eye adopted a cat with one brown eye and one blue eye...... and the list could go on for what I learned just today.  And I think my world is fairly small so I am proud for all my brain took in and I can only hope will retain for some great reason some great day in my life..  Laters...............
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