Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Stolen Christmas Diane Ogden literally

I am not a hoarder.  But I am an accumulator.  And I have two full storage bins.  One is actually a borrowed bin from my neighbor.  She is a young girl who has not accumulated yet.  I am a "Golden Girl" with much cumulation.  Since Oprah's decluttering advice I have been trying to de-cumulate. 

So this is Christmas.  A Happy Time of the Year! 

I wandered down to my bins to haul my Christmas tree up and I found three trees.  Not so unusual because I bought one for outside and had one for inside and the other one had all its lites blow out. 
I dragged them all up.  Cut all the old blown wire lights off one of the trees, re wired it with new ones.  I could not believe how those lights were wrapped around and around as well as clipped on.  That was a mess I shall not go through ever again.  Just sayin.

The tallest one had lost it top lights last year and this year the bottom went.  So....I restrung lights on that tree. 

Then my neighbor across the way called and asked me if I wanted her old Christmas Pine Tree.  Yes I did!  I drove over and hauled that one home and added lights to it also.  I now had FOUR very pretty trees spaced out in my apartment.  And one small one on the buffet.  So that makes FIVE!  I have had a glorious week of festive cheer all about trees.  I didn't even have to put ornaments up..... 

Then yesterday my neighbor, the young girl who has not accumulated yet and who loaned me her bin because all she uses it for is her bike knocked on my door.  I let her in and she is admiring all my beautiful festive Christmas trees.  She is talking about getting her tree and how she thinks she may have taken hers to her parents house.  I am listening but not "getting it!"  I stupidly said,  "Yah, I didn't know I had this many trees myself, but I just kept finding boxes with trees in them."  That is when the brain light bulb at least flickered a bit.  I looked at her and she is looking at my trees, and I said, "OMG, is one of these yours?"   She said she thought so!   I then went through each of the tree's private lives heritage and discovered the one that was not mine, but hers!  Yes I had inadvertently stolen her Christmas tree.  I was so embarrassed.  I had been so proud of my little lighted Christmas Tree farm village inside my apartment I failed to realize on of them was stolen.  I immediately walked over to the lil cutie and unplugged it, carried it to her, handed it over like it was a stolen child with humble apologies to boot.  I couldn't believe the girl had to knock on my door to see if I had her tree.  And I did.....   I can only hope I do not have anything else that belongs to her.  This was bad enough.  I can laugh about it, but I am seriously embarrassed.  Who steals someone else's Christmas Tree.... from that persons private storage bin no less.

Hey at least I unboxed it, set it up, handed it to her all ready to go.  And her box is back in her bin. 

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