Monday, December 2, 2013 closed! Diane Ogden

So I received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service.  Anytime a letter comes from the revenuer people's stomachs begin to hurt as well as their brains melt and legs get squishy.  All that and more happened to me as well.  I opened it up.  It said they found I made a $19.00 error.  That my gross income was $19 more than I said.  That meant I owed them $155.00.  I do not know about you  but that doesn't really make any sense.  But then they can say whatever they want and you are supposed to believe it.  I decided to "pay" them a visit.   I took the day off, put my lil dog in the truck and we headed out to where the Internet said they had an office.  Got there and it was EMPTY.  So I called a tax office on my smart phone and they told me where the new office was.  I put that address into my GPS and headed out for a new direction.  Knowing they closed their office every day from 12:00 - 1:00 for lunch.  Wouldn't want to pay someone to office sit for an hour I suppose.  I get to the new address. Park the truck, lock it up, go in and up the elevator and what do you think?   It's closed.  The sign says it isn't supposed to be closed! Monday hours 8:30 - 4:30.
 It was not even noon.   The janitor came walking past and I inquired why it was closed.  He said, 'It's closed a lot."   I say someone is slacking and considering we can never find a human being to talk to when we call the IRS no one will ever know this employee is slacking.  Closing is not slacking, its out right not showing up.
If you look close you can see my lil dog sitting up waiting for me in the truck!
So I drive back home....look up which numbers will get me a person to talk to.  I start at 12:15......I get a person.  I also get put on hold several times.  Get a new person.  Get put on hold more.  The lady finally says she will put in a dispute notice and I should hear back in January.  We hung up and it was 1:55.  Nearly two hours on my cell phone.  Nutz!   And no solution.  No wonder they used to shoot those "Revenuer's" in the olden days.
Be well, Be safe, Be Happy, and get rich so you can mail them a simple $155.00 so you can keep them as far away from you as humanly possible!  And Ssshh, they might hear us.

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