Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eileen's Dark Chocolate Sponge Diane Ogden

Christmas to me means Eileen's Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy.  I avoid it at all costs but it never works out.  I try to miss the isle where it lays all snuggly in a bin along side the milk chocolate sponge candy.  Or at the other store where it is stacked high in the produce section inside plastic bags with twist ties and a hefty price tag along side it.
Eileen's Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy reminds me of love, caring, sharing, romance, comfort to the max-ola.  I only think of FAT when I start to buy it and enjoy it.  Then suddenly I don't care.  I throw the word FAT right out the window with nutrition and health and heart attacks.   There is not one good nutritional anything Eileen's Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy has to offer my body.  But my mind adores it as if it were a date with a handsome prince.  Who dates handsome princes duh?  Well, you get my point right?   I love the stuff.  I swear every year I wont do it again but I do it again.  I eat some in the morning, some at noon, some in the evening.....until its all gone.  Every year the amount the seller puts in the bag gets smaller.  This year there were about eleven pieces in one bag.  Two bags for $5.  It wouldn't matter if  it cost $15 for eleven pieces.  I would buy it because it is love to me.  Sick!  But I cannot help it.   I just wonder if this didn't happen to me when I was a child.  Someone gave me Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy during an unusually happy event and my subconscious has harbored that connection ever since.  Or -  it could be that I just like the taste of pure burnt sugar.  Eeww.  Cant be!  I don't even eat much sugar that is why this is so weird.  Secretly I cant wait until the season is over and it is off the shelves and I can go back to working off the few pounds I ate with love.   Then again I cant wait until next year when it shows back up again!!
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