Saturday, November 2, 2013

SMILE RICH or Stay Diane Ogden

I did what I said I was not going to do.  I went back to the grocery store where people scream at their children and park in the no park zones for long periods of time while their car radio (stereo system) reverberates the pavement in all directions, along with my brain.  Which I presume could cause me to have a brain concussion from the percussion!  But I went anyway.

I traveled the entire huge store from one end to the other and noticed a lot, no, I noticed most of these people were unhappy sour faced folks.

 So I decided to run a test the last ten -twenty minutes I was shopping, checking out and walking out. I put a perpetual smile on my face.  I looked directly into each persons eyes and smiled like I loved them sincerely.  I tell you not even ONE person smiled back at me.  I speak the truth on that one.  I was blown away.  Some would look right into my eyes with the face of a stone. Some even scary.

I got to my truckie, then to the drive up lane for grocery pic up.  The sweet young man was SMILING.  I said, "Have you noticed people are plain unhappy today.  No one is smiling."  He said, Yeah, it's that way around here, but I am smiling, cause I don't pay no attention to them."  He wished me a wonderful rest of my day and I did likewise.

Then I was time to go buy myself some fresh flowers for the week.

 I decided to run my smile test again. This time at the rich store.  Or the store that charges unbelievable prices for the same goods I get at the unhappy people cheap store.  Every single person I smiled at smiled back at me.  Every one of them!  That right there told me:  People with money, richer people are happy people.  Poor people are unhappy people.  See?  My test say so.   Even the Bible says it.  "To those with much, more will be given."  The rich get richer and the poor go to the unhappy store and stay poor.  Smiles make you rich.  That is why I have a million dollars.  (Well its on it way)  Because I am a walking smile.  Even if I do not feel like it I do it.  Scientist have proven when a person smiles their brain automatically releases endorphins...The good bugs.  That must also mean when you smile you are calling in your money too.
So be happy, be well, be safe, and SMILE so you are rich and can go to the Happy Store and stave off any and all concussions .  Laters......

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