Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 22, Diane Ogden

Everyone I know remembers where they were on that day.  Especially me because it was my Birth-day.
 I was old enough to realize the importance of the day and honor  a man named John.  John F. Kennedy.  He represented me as he represented almost all Americans.  We didn't care if he was a womanizer. Back then that was a discrete family matter.  With the rise of the "computer" system nothing is discrete any longer.  We didn't care if he new underworld figures.  We didn't care that he was imperfect.  We / I felt he was good where the country needed him to be good.  And if he was bad in other areas that didn't concern the country .....that would  be on his KARMA and ever after life.  Wasn't my concern.  Camelot?  Camelot raised the hopes of so many. Gave new life to the United States.  Like Princess Diana did for her Country and ours.  Yet both left us so tragically.  I "wonder" that we might understand such things someday in our own afterlife.  When I die (pass on) will I find out who really killed him? Or will that still be a secret kept forever?  I hope I get to know.  But if I get to know that then maybe I will also get to know bad things too.  Good and bad here and there.  Not sure it will be all golden streets and such.  Guess I will find out just like JFK, Diana, and my Dad.  I do believe we will all have an eternal flame in the hereafter.....because I don't see how we can ever really die.  If we are spirit we shall live on for eternity.  Humm, eternity always bugged me as a child.  I would lay in bed and think of eternity and how it never ends and I would get frustrated with it.....  because it is not understandable. At age seven or so I would  stand in the grass, then start spinning around and around until I fell from dizziness.  I would lay on my back and look at the beautiful sky spinning and I would say to myself, "I am now one with the earth spinning on its axis."  Yet knowing I could never spin as fast as the earth. Heck, I knew I would need gravity to hold me down.  I suspect John F Kennedy doesn't have gravity anymore. Nothing holds him down.  He must be like a feather in the heavens.  How fun to be like a safe floating feather.  As a child I used to "wonder' what it would be like to be a leaf with feelings.  I would get to be a baby bud growing from a branch into a beautiful big leaf.  Then one day it would get cold and I would change sort of like the moth only backwards.  I would change appearance in the form of color. Then more changes. The wind would blow and I would fall off my secure life on the branch and I would travel on the ground until I stopped being able to travel......  I would then eventually turn to dust.  Just like me the human.  Its all an evolving evolutionary "bunch" of physics.  I don't know the ratios/equation's, but I do know the spirit.  And there is a mathematical equation for all of it.  That I do hope I get to see.  Why one persons equation is so different from anothers.  Why John Fitzgerald Kennedy got where he got and why I got where I got to on this revolving earth.  It will be very interesting ....that is IF I AM ALLOWED TO SEE...  All I know is I was home from school sick that day.  I think  I was watching one of the soap operas of that era, I remember! It was "As The World Turns."  How apropos.  I had watched that with my Grandma since I had been a wee one.  Suddenly they broke into regular scheduling and the newscaster  said the President has been shot and is dead.  Just like that, gone in an instant.  Gone.  I sat there all alone at the funny farm, crazy place I was raised.  Wishing I had not been sick that day as I needed to be with my friends crying in the hallways of my high school as I would have if my grandmother had died or a classmate......But I was not there. I was alone.
                                      We are born alone and we shall die alone. 
I am a numerologist.  11-22 are master numbers.  Anyone with those numbers is here to change humanity  in some way.  Positive or negative.  Elvis name adds up to a 22.  I could go on but that should sum it up.  Kennedy died on 11-22.  I was born on 11-22.   I believe I will leave the world offering something better.  Or I will go out in a horrendous earthly tragedy of large magnitude. Either Earthly Good or Earthly Bad is the 11-22.  If I have a choice I chose good.  Although Kennedy didn't have a choice, not did Diana. 
  And I thank John F. Kennedy for what he left this world with.  Hope for each of us to have our own Camelot.  And, "What can we do for others, not what can they do for us."  Look up the comparisons between Kennedy and Lincoln and you will know there is more out there than what you can see with the your eyes!!  I promise.
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