Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden

I am working on a new blog called "Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden" to be out soon.  A compelation (I think I just made that word up) of the many trials and works of Bob Ogden, boy feline character.  And its all true.  From time outs inside, to escapes outside.  He is something else again.  I am working on dressing him up for the blog portraits and you ask, "How's that going for me?"   Not so good yet.  Might have to take up photoshopping for sure.

I tried to put a build a bear blonde wig on him, and, well, you had to be there!  He must not be into blondes.  I appreciate his likes and dislikes as he is learning to appreciate (listen) to mine.  Time outs in the bedroom work wonders with Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden. They occur when he gets too rough with Lucycat.  Hey, I only leave him in there for five minutes.  He gets it!!  So all this said, be in waiting for the new blog posts starting from the time I rec'd the sick lil squirt to present.  That being February end to November 9th, 2013.  He does make my life more interesting to say the least.  Just wish he would let me put his hats and necklaces on.  He's napping right now considering this morning I overdosed him with all natural catnip BUD'S!

They were strong to the moon which is where I presume he and Lucy cat both tripped to........before they returned to Ogdenland, USA......   Our normal residence.
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