Sunday, November 17, 2013

BARBIE!! Diane Ogden

I was going through some photos today searching for a particular photo and low and "Behold" I ran across pictures of something I used to love to do.  In fact I still have these little masterpieces in a box under my bed.  They were made as an heirloom gift for my daughter when she was about nine.  She is twenty four now.  They are a bit squished in their cardboard home of fifteen years but I am sure they will poof back up when taken out and brought back to life.  I have allowed my Granddaughters to play with them on occasion in the past.

I still have dreams of finding time to make even more glamorous gowns for Barbie's.  There is something I love about glitz. I don't wear glitz but I love it around me.  I buy used wedding dresses for creating things.  I have small white Christmas lites around my kitchen counter and every day when I plug them in they make me happy.  I love hanging crystal chandeliers and sparkling stars.  Not sure why, just do.  

Today I am sharing with you some of my Barbie Creations.  Enjoy!  These photos are very old and not as clear as I would prefer.  Hopefully they show some of the detail.  The blue velvet dress has a poofy bussell that is hard to see if you do not know about it.



Blogger wont let me enlarge the last several photos.  Will keep trying because the detail on these little fancies is fun to view.  I have made wedding Barbies and very long full dresses but have given them away.   No photos available of those. 
So be well, be happy, be safe, be creative and get rich so you have time to be creative!  Later's.....

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