Monday, October 7, 2013

The Boy and The Diane Ogden

Worked a clients home today who lives on an off street in a small town near Madison.  We finished the job, I got myself situated in my new used vehicle and as I backed out I noticed a young boy a couple houses down, standing with his bike on the side of the street.  Then I noticed a small animal laying in the middle of the street. The boy seemed to be guarding the animal from a safe distance.  I recall thinking oh my God it must be his pet cat.  As I got closer I could almost feel the boys apprehension of my vehicle.  And I could also sense his mind racing as his eyes raced along with his minds thoughts.  He was trying to mentally beg me not to run over that little animal which of course I wasn't going to.  I passed him, went around the critter which appeared to be a Possum.  A possibly not dead possum.  Now my mind was racing.  I turned the new used vehicle around just as the mailman came from the direction I had been driving.  Oh my God, don't hit the critter I thought!  I then saw the young boy mentally begging the mailman not to run over the not so dead yet Possum.

I truly hate coming upon situations such as this one.  I wondered how many hours the boy was going to straddle his bike while guarding the critter from the curb and mentally begging passersby not to hit it again.
Well, I went a few blocks and stopped.  I called the number I had on my smart phone for animal control.  The number had been disconnected.  Crap!  They used to come for birds, and or any small animals in need.  Suppose their funding stopped.  Then I called another animal number I had and they said they don't do that anymore and I should call the Police.  Oh sure!  Well I did.  I am quite sure the officer thought me a bit crazy telling him about a small boy on his bike trying to protect a not yet dead possum over on Shady Lane.  So I said a little prayer for the Possum and the Boy and drove on.  Not without thinking how sweet that boy must be.  And hoping that little Possum was just stunned and will get up and mosey on down the road.  I always finish bad dreams and such with a good ending.  Gotta.  Cant carry the weights otherwise.   Laters......
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