Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rawhide, "Head 'em Up and Move 'em Out! Diane Ogden

First of all I will tell you I am not
noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudice:  preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.!!!!!!!!!!

That being said....It was the day to shop for food.  I drove to my regular Grocery Store, pulled in and the same dang thing happened that has many times before, but worse.  I wondered if there was a full moon, or if I was really tired and accidentally drove to Hells Gate (Wal Mart).  Nope I wasn't.  Then the noise hit my brain....  A radio on full blast from an old van parked in the front of the entrance and in every one's way.  Yes totally in the way as usual.  I couldn't move, others were at a similar standstill and we were not in L.A. traffic.  We were at Woodman's West small town Madison Wisco  listening to RAP and watching a family of a different ethnicity beating (okay so not beating but giving the impression it was about to happen) their kids.  Watching one of them walking away from said van with "pants down." 
No one in Van attempting to hurry considering ten people walking with carts, driving vehicles in the surrounding area... are at a standstill.  I figure these sort of folk need attention....and I wanted so badly to give it to them full force.  But I knew better because sometimes those Grocery Parking Lot Hollywood wannabee's make all that noise so they can get more attention.  So disturbing.  I got over that incident, finished my shopping, came out and passed ladies walking a baby speaking Asian....another man carrying his child speaking Pakistani, well you know the bubble talk. Several Spanish families speaking Spanish....  I never see many Chinese people? ?  They are saving themselves for the big takeover later.  I keep telling folks to learn to speak Chinese....cause they own us.  The boats, planes, and bankers takeover could enter at any time.  Only good thing about that would be the look on Tea Party "Boner's" (Boehner) face.  And he thought he had it made. Amazing salary, amazing retirement and so on.  I call that a case of the dumb ass.  And p.s.  Obama Care would also be in the outhouse.  "The People" tried to tell them.  The people tried to tell the Rappers that radios too loud would harm their children's hearing. Very few listen.  And by the way, when did the gates open for us to be occupied?  Was it the Bush administration?  I really don't know.  I just know that suddenly I am about to be a minority.  Seriously.  I don't mind sharing, but I sense someone sold us.....out.   Sort of like outsourcing your own.  I didn't mean to get on any soapbox.  Actually I was upset about the family that believed they owned the parking lot at everyone else's expense, when I simply went to buy food.  Hell, they are no diff than our congressman!!!!  Interesting.   I know this isn't funny or good news.  Neither is the fact my cat Buddy's poop smells so horrible I have to light matches.  And I do not feed him onion or garlic.  Guess it s time for  a stool sample.   Thank God I cant catch whatever he has. Hope not. Let me as my opinion as if I haven't already.... I say Wal Mart and Woodman's Grocery need to hire Security Guards to maintain proper parking lot social acceptability. But then its not against the law to do any of what you read here, is it?  I still say, "HEAD EM UP AND MOVE EM OUT!"  
Laters..... Be safe, Be well, Be happy, and get rich so you can shop at the upper class places. They don't beat there kids there. At least until the Chinese get here....  (frustrated!)

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