Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Will Be Packin' a Gun!............ by Diane Ogden

Today I am getting in my new used truck and driving to a pawn shop somewhere and buying a gun. Yes I am.  I am going to be packin'.  I am then going to bring that gun home after I line up all my computer, camera, VCR, DVD, tablet, laptop, photo do da days, printers, phones, smart phones, monitors, old Sony video camera, old Memorex video camera, Pinnecal studio, Dazzle creator, and whatever else has a computer based brain, and I am going to kill them all.  Shoot them dead.  Make wire kill.  And after that I am driving to Best Buy and spread their wirey ashes all over the parking lot. 
After that I may have the techno melt down I deserve to have.
I purchased a Honestech VIDBOX to transfer the hundreds, well sixty or so of VHC's and Poloraid movies to DVD.  I followed the directions and danged if I didn't get it up and running.  I then replayed to make sure they would work. Whalla...success.  So I continued making many until I had a nudge to make sure they would play on a different computer.  I don't have a DVD player because I watch Netflix.  I put the DVD in my laptop. I had to search to find where it went.  When I found it there were a few choices so I chose the largest file.  It took a long time to load as my laptop is older.  After it loaded and started to play there was NO SOUND!  Cute little kids from years past whose cute little voices could only be recognized if you can read lips. 
Then I tried to hook up a borrowed VCR to my new flat screen TV. I have several large VHS tapes that need transferring also.  Followed the directions.  No picture.  Tried AV, tried component, tried channel 4.... made sure it was turned on....pushed play, rewound...  just want to kill it is all.  Wasted last night and all day today. And yes I also hooked it up thru the new VIDBOX to the new PC with no success.
My Granddaughter is 21 now.  I have a video of her at age 4 doing Forest Gump just like Tom Hanks.  I am trying to post it here.  Hope that works or I am going to kill the new PC too.

 I think they wont give me a gun right away.  Something about background checks.  So by the time I get it I may have settled down some.  And then again maybe not.  Besides I bit my cheek in my sleep and it is horribly painful.  And the grocery stocker put Turkey baby food jars in with the Ham so now I have to drive back there to return the Turkeys because my cats don't like Baby Turkey, only Ham.

With that I will sign off.  Laters.  Be safe, Be well, Be happy, and get rich so you an hire a Geeker to transfer your movies to DVD.  And so you can buy a MAC.  Not that it would be any easier I suppose.  P.S.  I can shoot quite well.  My Granddaddy taught me when I was 9.     
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