Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grandiose..... by Diane Ogden


adjective \ˈgran-dē-ˌōs, ˌgran-dē-ˈ\
: seeming to be impressive or intended to be impressive but not really possible or practical.
As I sit here eating popcorn by the handful, watching a Hugh Jackman movie on my tablet,  and over thinking the fact I might need a root canal and crown on a totally exposable front tooth. My dog is lying in her bed below my work area while in "heat," and my cat is laying next to my keyboard
spread eagle meaning there is hair all over my Autumn gold tablecloth, along with my shirt full of dog hair from the earlier holding session. The other cat walking around making noise as she feels left out.  Of course she is, she has OCD and anxiety issues. That was one heck of a run on sentence until I fixed it.  But it matches My life at least today.  (who am I kidding?)  Not to mention I have eaten most everything in site today due to the stress level of a mouse with a cat standing overhead with no escape.  Yes that much.
So where does grandiose come in?  I was invited to become a paid computer geek for a non functioning (well almost) website.  A nice website by the way. By someone that has written three books and uses words I still need to find and learn.  He needs a blogger, a promoter, and a social networker.  Heck I cant even get my own or  my friends blog "out there" like I want.  I have tried.  As for blogging, I prefer lightweight humor. Not life from five billion days ago to five minutes ago.   My lifelong humor has left the building for a time, but I have full faith it will return when a couple of heavyweight issues are solved or I learn how to kick "them" to the curb.  Working hard on that one.
Okay back to grandiose.  We all have or should have some grandiose ideas.  Having them gets us to the place of reality we truly should be in the first place.
Me, I dream of having a best seller book.  I even have an outfit or two picked out for the book signing deals.  When in fact I have learned I need some classes in sentence structure.  Doesn't mean I cant have my dreams and my outfit.  That is what keeps us going.  I do have limitations.  I realize I will never be on OPRAH but I might just publish a book that will stand tall on a rack at Barnes and Noble.  Damn right.  And maybe my special cookies will be spotted and mass produced for the world, well maybe a store or two.  Then there are my inventions...  They seem to stay in my head and then three years later I see them on a counter in some store or magazine. 
Some days I want to lock the door, put the cat litter and car dog bed in the truckie, drain the savings account and GPS my way to somewhere unknown. Or just drive for days.  P.S.  Leaving no forwarding address.  Is that GRANDIOSE?  Maybe.  So what.  That is my true definition of grandiose.
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