Monday, October 28, 2013

Craigs List Diane Ogden

I have about fifty old VHC movie camera tapes with no home.  No VCR to view them on. No battery life in the old camera's to view them on.  And companies charging $35.00 a tape to copy them to DVD.  I figured by the time I got that accomplished, DVD's would be dead and gone too.  So, I checked around and discovered my x-sister-in-law had one which she dug off her basement storage shelf and sent it hoem with me. It didn't work with the new gadget I purchased as the "go-between" of my camera / computer / DVD burner.
Next I ventured into killer land (Craig's List) and found one about a forty five minutes away.  We played computer email tag for over a week or so.  Made and appointment and I drove, with my lil' dog in tow, to said city.  I entered the address in my GPS and Dotti directed us all the way.  Got to thinking no one knew where I was or was going so I phoned up my x-sister-in-law who I knew was having a family bash all day but I called anyway.  She obligingly took down the address my GPS was taking me to and we said our goodbyes.  You know, in case he, who turned out to be a Mike, turned out to be an ax murderer and chopped me into little pieces and left my dog in the street alone.  You know, that sort of thing.
I got to the address and sure enough it was run down with an old, I mean old rusty camper truck parked aside the driveway half on the grass.  Classless, get it?  I made up my mind not to go in.  So I called Mike, told him I was out front and would he bring her out.  "Her," ha.   He did.  And he was odd to say the least.  He just didn't look like a normal human being is all.  Strange.  Not just to me, he would have looked strange to anyone he met.   I rolled down my window a tad and handed strange man $10 for the best VCR I have ever seen.  I may have to buy some old movies at garage sales just to use it more.  A fancy Sony.  Mike put it in the backseat and Gracie Allen dog and I split city...  ALIVE!  Phweew.  When I got "her" home she worked out perfectly to scan my movies into DVD's.
So that was Saturday noon.  Today is Monday afternoon and I call my x-sister-in-law who was supposed to send the Police if she didn't hear from me.  She FORGOT!  She said she was too embarrassed to call me this morning to tell me she forgot about me.  Then she was afraid I had been chopped into little pieces by the Craig's List killer.  She was so afraid she didn't want to call to find out!  Her words were, 'I am the worst assie friend ever."  I laughed at first and then realized how serious this could have been.  She is right, she is the worst assie friend ever.  That is if you need someone to have your back. Was she waiting to hear about it on the news?
Well I didn't die.  I got an excellent VCR for $10 and I am making Christmas gifts with it.  Let's see, $35 x 50 videos = $1,750.00 for $10 VCR, $60 for transfer unit, $50 for DVD's = I saved a zillion.  Well at least......$1,630.00.  That was worth the possibility of getting chopped up by a Craig's List killer, right?
Hey, I thought someone had my back.  But then so did Sandra Bullock and she is still hummin' along quite well, as I am.
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