Monday, September 9, 2013

Parking War?? Diane Ogden

Okay, truth be told I need to have an open mind so I can decide if there is a parking war going on in the building I live in.  That would be in the parking garage.  Usually I pull into my stall and if I am too close on either side I put my lil truck in R and fix it! 
Today I may not have fixed it as usual which may or may not have pee-d off the neighboring vehicle.  (Which is a rare occurrence on both calls)  As you can see from the photos the neighboring vehicle had MUCH room to put his/her car in R and fix the situation so I might be able to get into my lil truck in the morning to go to work.  My thoughts are:  Maybe she had diarrhea and had no time to put her vehicle in R and give me room to get into mine for work.  Maybe she was angry that I parked too close to the line and decided to really be a buttzo. 
Maybe she didn't even notice and I am over-analyzing.  Fat-chance!  I can only hope she goes to work before I do in the morning.  And of course I don't hope anyone does this to her.  ha.  Hey I am always nice to that person.  Laters........ 
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