Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh For Some Sweet Diane Ogden

Once again my little farmette strikes with a vengeance.  I mean it.  I have not slept a full night for days.  I wake up at 2:00 or 3:00  and lay there listening to the brain chatter.  So on goes the TV to kill the brain chatter only to hear other chatter called The Insomniacs News.  If I could black out the light from the TV I could have a working plan. 

Anyway, night before last I decided to dig out the SAGE and burn a bit of the brush to rid the house of any unwanted, unwelcome, and unreal visitors who might be chiming in on my well deserved sleep.  That stuff is amazing.  One time I took a couple deep breaths of the stuff (its pure) and I dreamed a novel I just finished.  This time I merely sauntered through the house smoking it up to the place the dang smoke alarm when off.  But I did get rid of the pesky spirits I think were bugging me.  I was sleeping like a baby when I awoke to a sound and a wet feeling on my arm.  I scream-hollered a very bad word followed by "father forgive me" as my cat Lucy just catpueck sprayed my face and arm as I "hurled" her off my used to be clean sheets.  I was up!!!  And the clock said, 3:30 a.m.

So the next night, last night rolls around and I burn SAGE again.  I cant give up.  I was out like a light when suddenly I feel something warm on my hand.  I have never woke up unconsciously  hitting anything or anyone until last night.  I came out of a dead type sleep to a 6 lb. dog licking my hand and between my fingers.  I rose up with a rage patting her with both hands and speaking loudly also!  Poor thing was so scared.  No worries I cuddled her after she hopefully got the no no licking mom's hands or anything else in the middle of the night message, and put her under the covers.  I could not believe it.  Still cant.  She has never ever done that since I got her in 2007! Oh, and the clock read 3:30 a.m.

 I think the unwanted, unwelcome, unreal visitors are now indirectly visiting my little animals  to get to me.  I know I didn't eat any chicken or anything that was left on my hands to draw the tongue of my dog.  Really.  And if I put them outside the bedroom door and close it, one meows, and one cries and scratches on the door.  I may call a vet to come over and put them all down and out of my misery.  I might not be joking.  I need a vacation from pets.
Don't you know I am eager for bedtime tonight??  Right?    Laters .....
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