Friday, September 13, 2013

Male Mammory Glands Diane Ogden

So this is Bud Ogden alias Bob Ogden, now called Buddy!  He came to me very sick.  I spent $500 getting him well.  He bit my granddaughter and caused family issues.  He is jealous of my dog and my other cat who has sight issues so I must keep them separate which causes issues for me.   He tries to bite my dog because I give the dog more attention.  I have to so he wont bite her.  I carry her around so he cannot reach her.  Why have I not taken him to the "Humane" Society?  Because they told me they cant adopt him out as he is a  biter.  So - Yuppers,  I got me a sit-che-a-tion!  What to do?  IDK.  I just cant kill him is all.  How humane is that? He used to be so loving until he got well and thought I cared more about the dog, which caused jealousy biting.  He doesn't bit often, just now and then randomly. Just like a human yet unable to reason this out or speak it out.
I sincerely need that Cat whisperer fellow on the TV but I suspect he costs thousands.  No I pretty much know it.  I tried whispering to Buddy but he just looks at me like, "Ah actions speak louder lady!"   I get it.  I just do not know how to fix it.  He needs a one animal one person home.  And more activity considering he is humongous!  I can hardly lift him and he has trouble jumping up on the sofa.  Actually he is unable to jump onto the table.  He has to do the chair first and then the table.  He is very careful to jump down and actually it should be called clumps down. 
I feel like his spirit is crumbling.  He used to follow me everywhere, scampering behind me and almost tripping me.  Now he has given up some.  He knows the routine.  In the spare room ALONE at night (I put TV on low so he isn't alone)   In the morning I leave the other cat in my room and Buddy gets to be with me (and the dog) for three hours.  Then he goes to my bedroom for the work day ALONE.   When I get home the other cat has to go to my bedroom ALONE until bedtime so Buddy can be with dog and I for five hours.  Then back to spare room for the night and so on.  I guess he is alive and not sick anymore, yet fat and somewhat lonely.  So what do I do? 
Sorry this isn't very interesting.  Guess this is a thorn in my side I must figure out somehow and I do believe there is way for a better life for my lil fat boy Buddy. 
When they ask me to donate on the key pad at the Pet Smart Store I quickly hit NO!  I have done donated enough for many a year thank  you.   And p.s. he favors my dogs special diet food at $2.69 a can which should last for three days for the dog unless Buddy gets his share when I''m not looking. 
Maybe he's a classy cat after all and I just need to give him some more time to feel more secure and not bite anyone.  Seems to be his forte.  I cant spell that.  I wonder if Google can tell what word I was going after there.  I wonder if I even know for sure.  No matter, you get it. 
I think I am doing what they call, "Crying out for help?"  Ya think!   There is an answer and I shall find it.  I will Google what Saint helps the needy animals, that's what I will do.  I am not Catholic but I strongly believe in the Saints!  Hey look at St. Jude and St. Christopher.  They got it down.  But I suspect there are some quieter Saints that got a good thing going too and I will find them for Buddy. 
He deserves a chance.  Besides he is an expensive lil son of a something.  He does love to play and just wants to be loved by one person, no other "beings" around to contend with and then the biting will stop.  (He doesn't do it much, just random as I said)    And what's with the humongous mammary glands on a guy cat?  Seriously.  Maybe he is a transvestite cat.  Or maybe he is a gay cat?  Hey I am just trying to figure it out okay?  We, or I got an issue here see?  I am reaching out to the Universe, or facebook, or friends, or family, or God, or Buddha, or the Catholic Saints, for sakes sakes.  I was going to say for God sakes, but I had already bypassed that one which my Lutheran brethren would faint over.  Hey they have had wars over it so fainting over it means some evolvement has occurred.  The Pope would care.  Most don't care about Buddy, but I do.  Laters.....on a lighter note I am sure. 
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