Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Left the Baby Behind...............by Diane Ogden

I had to make a special trip to the Post Office today in Verona, Wisconsin.  Why, because I had to mail a baby to someone very special.  Do not worry, the Postman made sure to put many holes in the box so the baby could breath.  She should arrive tomorrow for sure.

 I also included a kitty and two cards to keep her occupied.  The cards were a gift from a local policewoman who tried to help us "install" for lack of a more appropriate word, a car seat in my new used truckie.  She gave the baby something to keep her busy while we worked on the seat install.  That something was the two cards. One was a police dog and the other a police horse.  The kitty actually belongs to her Barbie.  And the baby?  Well it is her special special baby that sleep with her every night and gets pushed in her baby stroller every day. That being said, there were huge Mr. L.E. Phant tears when I drove her to meet her Mother and there was no baby in the items I packed.  Nope, baby was back at my house tucked under the covers of my four poster bed.  I felt so bad.  The drive to return the baby would have been two hours plus therefore I mailed her Special Delivery.  Gas for the drive would have cost more.  A note:  When I walked into the small town Verona, Wisconsin United States Post Office, the Postman at the counter looked at me holding baby and said,  "Forgot it, huh?"   I said, "Yes sir she did!"   I knew that meant he was a Grandpa.  Then  he found the fastest way for delivery and started poking all sort of holes in the box, in front of other customers so baby could breath during her journey.  Made my day.

Make someone else's day because it's important and even fun.  Laters.  
Be safe, be happy, be well, and get rich so you can hire a courier to deliver your Grand-baby's baby if she forgets her when she has a sleep-over.  (Or you forget to pack her.)

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