Sunday, September 15, 2013

Her Spirit is Carried on by.......... by Diane Ogden

I read an obit on facebook about a nice lady that passed away like everyone has and will.  When I came to the line, "Her Spirit is carried on by...,"  then came the names of the survivors. I was impressed yet horrified.  Oh yes horrified!  Obviously I have carried on a few Spirits from my passed on people.  And some of those so called Spirits were great and some not so great.  The great ones, spirits that is, seemed to have an eternal fight with the bad ones.  And in this family there are no mediocre spirits.  Either horrific or wonderful.  Fight and drama even though done quietly. No Maury Povich or Jerry Springer by any means.
(I try to stay away from all of them that "My Spirit would be carried on by...") who act with such drama. Oh we do have a Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Grace.  Everyone guilty!  Where did that come from? Certainly not my side of the cells.  We have no judges.  Oh I forgot, we have judgers who haven't evolved yet.

Love, in between.  Of course not me. 
Our cells contain: Western frontier town murder in the 1800's, insanity in the 1800's, rich farmers all the way through the 1990's,  alcoholism, depression, giving, comedians,  and one policeman.  Good Bad like most families.  We had no Rockefeller's, no politicians, a few good athletes, a couple "Carny's,"  as in carnival tent travelers, (omg) one moonshiner in the 1930's that spent some time in Levenworth,  a couple Nascar drivers, no literary scholars, no teachers, many female crotchers, humm, crocheters, ha, I cant spell that! Knitters, embroiders, sewers, artists of the drawing,  a tax evader, and a lot of maids. We do carry on the creative spirit for sure.  Hell of a background of which I have diligently tried to overcome, evolve past, move on from, hide away from, run from, learn from, accentuate the positives of, all of which is a work in progress.  Cells have memories.  I say they, my ancestor's, had a camera and took videos and placed them in their "Carry on-ers" brain cells for future turn on turn offs.   Might not be so funny.  I heard on talk radio that one of our brain cells, yes I said ONE is identical in appearance to ONE Universe.  There is that word infinity again.  Eww eww.  Too big for my cells to grasp.  We could each have over a billion Universe's in our brains.  I said it was too big.  Oh and all with camera's trying to trick us.  Some of those brain cell Universe look a likes lift us, some try to bring us down.  It's no different than the show Survivor.  And I would have gotten kicked off that one like the other Diane Ogden, mailman, first show.  I'm good!  I'm not "done" yet.  I might add there are a LOT of beautiful and strong women in this family.... 

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