Thursday, August 8, 2013

Smokin' Dope, The Neighbors Are! Diane Ogden

Okay so the other morning I was preparing my God Bless-ed lunch for the work day, in my kitchen, under my ceiling vent, when I smelled something I had smelled at some point in my life or previous life before.  I swayed back and forth trying to find where the familiar odor was coming from, all the while trying to decipher how I even  recognized "it."   That is when out of the blue (must mean out yonder way) the answer came riveting into my brain cells among other cells.  That smell was Mara-ji-Juana! The WEED. How did I know this?  Because I am a BABY BOOMER (hello)  Okay so I toted a few times way backa when and all it did was make me sleep.   Except one time I laughed till it hurt everywh
ere.  And maybe another time I ate everything in site for an hour.... and maybe another time...
Given those cute small confessions I need to tell you, OMG I liked the smell of that familiar OLD relaxing odor that helps chemo patients stop peucking.  Helps patients in pain sleep.  Helps relieve so many medical problems for so many....and there it was coming thru my ceiling vent.  OMG how I wished I could bottle it as many others do.  I do wonder who is stopping the flow of this medicinal marijuana that could help so many.  And me too.  Heck I slept like baby that night and to think I was afraid the new moving in neighbors would keep me awake stomping around and around and around and.....oh oh more we go again!  Just kidding!  Gawd......  Or not. 
Hey, U.S. imports pharmaceuticals from China with ass-phalt filters and dog food from China killing our animals, so big companies can make major profits off death and deceit and CEO's can pull off million dollar bonus's.  Oh dear I better not write this or I may not get that promotion, or I may get killed as some have .    All because I spoke the freedom of speech I am NOT entitled to anymore.  Guess I  just had a bad day huh?  Or is this real?  Or maybe I stood too long in my kitchen and got all drugged up from the ceiling vent.  Yup that has to be it....  DUH NOT!    (okay so I got a lil sniff) Its been provin it helps glaucoma patients too.  That is a good thing I would have to say.   So try not o judge me for "thinking" it is an erb that should be used to help people.   The vent just reminded me.  And who knows, they may have been cooking with a different erb that just reminded me of "the old days."  
P.S. I do not indulge in illegal anything.  Sometimes a certain odor brings back good and or bad memories!  So I made some jokes regarding one of mine.    Later's..... 
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