Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nightmare on Diane Ogden

Well not exactly a nightmare, more like a string of dramatic exhausting events leading up to no solution as of yet. 
My littlest Grand-daughter spent the night last evening.  Usually this goes very well and so it did for about ten hours.  Kar fell asleep at 10:00 p.m. and was up at 5:00 a.m. asking if mommie was here yet.  Hitting my Grannie  button before my eyes were even open.  I then turned on some Disney princess cartoon that will ruin her life if she really listens to it.  But it did give me an extra half hour of rest.  At that time I snuck her "nay-nay" blanket away and soaked the sucked on corners in Mrs. Meyers Oxi, then hot water washed it.  It was about 3/4 the way thru the cycle (the plan was to wash it twice) when she suddenly noticed it was "MIA!"  I calmly told her it was in the washer getting all pretty for her.  How happy it is in the washer for her and so on.  She wasn't having it.  So I sat her on the dryer to wait for it, after showing her the happy "nay-nay" laying in the washer for her. Notsomuch! Check out those needing nay-nay tears. 
Then finally it stopped spinning and she got her hands on it!  There would be no putting "nay-nay" in the dryer.  Nope, Nadda, Not!
A bit happier huh?  Ya think?  Should have been there. OMG!
Then I decided to take her and the 6 lb dog to dunkin donuts as she loves that.  And I had caused enough upset washing nasty dirty "nay-nay."  So I dragged the forty pound car seat with the dog bed stacked on top of it and on top of that my purse....out the apt. and down the hall to the elevator, got stuck on the base of the elevator door opening, then across the garage floor to the truck.  Got it in, then I wont even go into trying to hook it all in properly.  Reading side directions where the ones in Spanish (pics) seemed to be easier to understand.  Then she climbed into the seat and I buckled her in.  I thought the buckle by her legs seemed to be a bit tight.  And then after getting the dog in her bed and buckled in I climbed in and stuck the spare key in, (I couldn't find my regular keys, add to the morning) and turned the spare key in the ignition and NOTHING!  New used truck is DEAD. How could this be.  How??  Why?  I almost had a breakdown for real.  Decided I could not have the breakdown I deserved so just tell Karli and move on. Please note her Mom's car broke down yesterday and she had to stand off the highway with her Mom for two hours waiting for help and now here it was happening again today.  Awful. Not to mention she was so excited about getting a donut.  Her little tears seemed more than sad. 
 Out came the dog, back out the dog bed, then to Karli and would you even believe I couldn't get her car seat straps off.  Got the top part off but no way was the bottom coming undone.  She said, "Mommie can do it!"  I thought to myself, what am I going to do?  I had locked the bottom latch in backwards.  I was ready to call 911 to get the kid out.  She was getting nervous and so was I.  I finally gave it all I had and got one side undone.  That gave me some room to get the other one out but not without sweat and believe me some hidden tears on the other side of the truck.
We are upstairs.  Settled back in.  Have no clue how to get the new used truck started on a Sunday.  I texted my grown Granddaughter but no response.  Karli fell asleep next to me her on the loveseat.  Dog on one side with Kar and Bobby the cat on the other arm.  And me, I am watching Four Weddings.  I have had three so I guess this is an appropriate show for me to watch this crazy morning.   Add it to the list.   (We are all just fine, merely a tad frazzled)  So....laters should be betters. 
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