Friday, August 30, 2013

I 'm "HOT!" Diane Ogden

You know, there is hot, and then there is hot!  And I had a hot one.  That would be a job at a clients home where there was no clean fresh air from anywhere.  There was a fan blowing hot air around.  And on the counter was something else that was hot besides me.  When I saw what I saw, I knew I had to take a photo of what I saw.....  a stick of butter MELTING from the ridiculous heat inside that house.

 No one's fault of course.  I didn't have to go there.  I chose to go and suffer like the butter.  (I did not know it would be that hot in that house and I bet the butter didn't either!)  I put it in the fridge for a half hour to give it some relief because it was "separating" from itself.  I understood totally considering it has been over 100 degrees around here lately. We have all been separating from ourselves (our senses) from the heat. 

Laters.........  Be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you never experience what I did today! Hey it will be cold her in about three weeks so no biggie.

photo from:
Good Housekeeping - Mr 1933

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