Tuesday, August 27, 2013

French Country or NOT!.............by Diane Ogden

I love French Country magazines, furniture, lighting fixtures, red and yellow gingham materials, flowered curtains and most decorating ideas.  But today I ran across "over the top."  And I am talking way over the top.  I actually giggled. I wouldn't want to say that I laughed out loud in case the photo has a technical trail back to its owner who has an amazing over the top decorating blog.  Would not want to hurt anyone's feelings.  But hey.....look at this, seriously look at this.  p.s. that is a dining room table, not a bed in the dining room with dead people dressed up, sitting in chairs watching you sleep.
I do not mean to make fun of anyone in life.  It is just that I do not like this. 

I am not going to say anything that might be taken as negative.  I guess this just isn't my style and to put the French Country label to it, humm. Or maybe I am CURED from it.  May go back to contemporary after this viewing.  Sorry Penny, no offense meant.
My type of French Country with Class: Everyone's different and that's okay.

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