Monday, August 12, 2013 Diane Ogden

I wish I would have come up with the idea of face-book.


  That doesn't mean I don't enjoy facebook.  Because I do, most of the time. 

And I try not to criticize or unfriend anyone, although I have unfriended a few political nuts and a couple smart donkeys (butts).  There are the Grandma's who post sappy sayings 24/7 about Grandmothers and mothers.  The town crier who tells us  what the police scanner in her kitchen is saying all day and all night, as well as weather reports, and traffic accidents.

 The recipes that if truly eaten and not copy/ pasted are heart attacks on paper.  Cheeses, pasta, more cheese, bacon, all on top of potatoes.  Deserts after deserts after more deserts.  Babies, more sayings, more political hate.  I do love the video's of Veterans coming home to their happy pets!  OMG that is a "clean the body out cry" for sure!  Hate the sad beaten dog stories....... So why do I like facebook?    Idk either.  I like the connections with people from my grade school in Wisconsin, people from my Jr. High in Austin, Texas, people from my H.S. back in Wisconsin.... my clients, and a few of my relatives.  Plus I get to see all their friends and family if I chose to.  It creates a large circle of good.  I just kick out the cheese dogs and smart butts and human police ban radio announcer wannabee's.  Oh wait, I forgot the one that tells us when they wake up and how they feel, what they are cooking for dinner every Tuesday!  Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and burgers. I have read it so many times I got it now, it's mine. I even feel like I have eaten it too.  Then there are the people that need prayer which I offer up.  The photos of the children and adults that have beat cancer!  Those are great also.  I hit LIKE quite a bit because LIKE is a good positive word and I mean it when I click it.  Lest I forget the ones that ask me to re-post for an hour if I am a true friend.  OMG Stop that!  I do share from a site called Amazing Things of the World.  Amazing indeed.  And I share some photos of my dog and cat.  Sounds boring huh?  Well it really isn't because if I post a pic it is usually a dandy.  My dog in a stroller going for a walk or my cat Bob getting a rabies shot I really didn't want him to have as they cause tumors and he is an indoor cat... I like posting funny things mostly.  Sometimes a serious saying but not too often.  I also comment on others photos.  That can be disastrous so I am rather careful or so I think.  I can make appointments with my hairdresser on facebook.  I can get referrals from others on just about anything.  I love to see wedding photos, vacation photos, parties, birds, and all other happiness. Why people even post their home remodels from start to finish.  Its great. Except the bullies and the ones that call others a hoe. (sp) Makes a person feel a part of it.  Shared in. No not the "hoe" part, all the good posts. ha.  I inserted the bullies and hoe line as an afterthought and forgot what came after it....  I will leave it at that.  Nothing was funny enough to write about today so you get facebook, fiasco or fun?  I chose fun Fred.  (Fred is my fictitious imaginary friend I talk to when no one else is around.  P.S. Fred has a partner named Frieda too.   Another afterthought....  
I decided to post some pictures of myself like they do on facebook.  Only these are from the way back whens!  Oh and I had Tenderloin and cottage cheese for dinner, and there is a wreck on the beltline so take the west route, and your nobody unless your a grandmother, and Pray for everybody and everything, and my arm and leg hurts, and my neighbor is a hoe! And it might rain. EEwww, I think I need to defriend a few !!  Just kidding.  Have to get laughs from somewhere! 

                                                    OKAY that one is too funny!!

I couldn't just post the ugly ones!!

Playing Dressup with my friends wig back in the urban cowboy days late 90's


ONE MORE for the road Fred!... Except I cant find one for present time.  O well.... Later's...


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