Thursday, August 22, 2013

Air Bag Diane Ogden

It was storming hard this morning while driving to work.  The trees were bending and branches falling in front of me.  I wondered why I don't carry diapers on days like this.  Seriously it was frightening.  Not to mention getting stuck at every red light twice. 

I noticed my air bag light came on only to say OFF.  I recalled the definition in the manual said it meant there was not enough weight in the seat for the item to be safe.  But the item was heavy enough to tell the vehicle computer it was not a good thing.  Child too small!  Air bag kill. 

My purse never makes the air bag light come on.  But today was different.  Today I packed a whopping lunch because it was going to be a long one. Day that is.  My lunch is in the green Whole Fools Bag.  I mean Whole Foods Bag.  Any fool would know that.  I packed so much food my trucks air bag thought it was a small kid!  That's it.  I will be re-thinking how much I am eating from now on.  Air Bag lights don't lie.  I think my pants feel tight.  Imagination?  Could be.  Could just be the Air Bag Light has freaked me out.  I didn't wreck so my lunch didn't get killed!  But I feel awful cause I ate the whole thing.  Laters.........

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