Friday, July 26, 2013

Nails Came With Good Diane Ogden

The man that does my nails is Billy.  He is from Viet Nam and on occasion he tells me some amazing stories.  I blogged about the time he told me about the ghosts in the trees tops.  There were so many killed in the war that on certain lands where fighting was dense, the tree tops are full of spirits.  Must be that some don't know how to move onto the light or how to move on period.  Billy was a person with the ability to see those passed on young men who fought that war and died.  And he was only a young boy scared of trees from then on. Who wouldn't be if they saw a bunch of white misty soldiers hanging around in the tree tops.  The young boy is trying to walk home and suddenly he see's aboritions.  No not abortions....I just cant spell it so sound it out thanks. 
Today we were laughing about a lady who comes to his business and drinks too much and doesn't make good decisions regarding much of anything.  She brings a flask of vodka everywhere she goes.  Worse yet she is a small town school bus driver.  I swear I about fell off my swivel chair.  And yes I may do some turning donkey (ass) in.  Billy is a good businessman and farmer and felt he probably shouldn't have discussed a client, which he never does any other time. 

After he confessed to not usually discussing clients, we moved onto me telling a couple stories.  Nothing serious until I inquired about whether someone should co-sign for another when the person is truly in need of help.  Billy sat up stiff, rolled his chair back, then forth, then said, "In VietNam there are Two Important Life Rules.  One is never to introduce a love to anyone because you will be the fault person when it doesn't work out.  And Two is to never co-sign for anyone for anything.  Like those were Viet Nam Laws. I am talking stiff laws not to be broken.

An interesting and informative day so far. 
Leaving me with a bitch of a decision.  I bet you get it?  No not whether to carry a flask of vodka and drive a school bus, as that was not me!! No, it was whether to break one of those VietNam Laws or not. Yet still not as bad as the vodka toting client who loaned the man $30,000 to become part of a business that wasn't even his, for her only to find out he gave her bogus contracts printed off the internet and she bought it hook line and sinker and lost him and her $30,000.00 and said bogus business.  My life is good.  Laters.............  
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