Monday, July 22, 2013

Me and a Tree! Diane Ogden

       When people are packed up by moving companies they are not allowed to  have their plants packed up. Obviously!  Sooo, I got the tree from my clients home and I couldn't be happier considering large tree's in nice pots cost a considerable amount of money.  The drawback is the availability of transporting such a large item without an open top truck.  I have a truck with a moon-roof, but not a tree-roof for sure.  That was not going to deter me from getting my tree home!  I called the lady upstairs and asked to borrow her heavier than cement dolly.  No clue how I got that "piggy" into my back seat floor but I did.  I was born with determination which is the only reason I am still alive for sure.  Back to the tree.  My work helper carried it down a flight of stairs and around the yard to my truck with no tree-roof.  She weighs a whole 115 lbs. We viewed the situation and decided to put the pot in through the side door, then I held it while she ran around to the back and slid it to the farthest part of the truck with no tree-roof.
At that time I got into my truck with no tree-roof hole, and sat among the leaves all about my head and shoulders! 
And then I drove home.  I figured I could slide it out the back and onto the ground or dolly.  Notsomuch.  I couldn't even budge it.  I texted my trusted neighbor friend upstairs on first floor.  She said, "Give me two minutes!"  She who weighs probably 90 lbs. lifted that almost 7' tree out of the truck and that is when it started to tip over and out of the pot.  Except I caught it.  She sat it down on the dolly leaning the weak side against the back, as she crouched down in the center of the branches holding them in place.  It was a sight.  Then into the elevator!  A must see!
Then out and down the hall into my abode where she tied it to the upstairs second floor neighbors dolly.
It shall sit in the sun room until my daughter comes this week and moves her belongings out to her new home. At that time, the tree and me will find a permanent place for it.  I just hope Bob Ogden (the cat) doesn't try to climb it. omg.  If that happens the dolly will fall on Bob Ogden and kill him and I wont have half the problems I do now from rescuing him.  Okay I don't mean it.  Sort of. 
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