Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Wash Paper Diane Ogden

My helper must have been thinking about laying on a beach somewhere or maybe she was not thinking today.  Or maybe I did it!  Imagine that.  At the end of every days work I launder a load of cotton towels as I did today.  A LARGE load of towels large and small.  In fact I washed them twice to make sure they were clean for tomorrow.  Then I sauntered over to the washer proudly..... considering we finished early and I had almost the entire afternoon off. Nice, until I opened the washer to find a dang mess.  Someone had mixed up the rags bag with the trash bag of paper towels.  I suspect I washed several of them little lovely paper thangs.  Photo is AFTER I shook out every and all 30 some rags.....I had paper towels pieces in my hair, shoes, pants, shirt, and tracked onto my carpet!
I stood there staring at the inside of that washer machiner thinking, how am I going to get all that outta there?  I started manually scraping.  Then decided I might let them dry and vacuum them out.

This would be the floor after shaking the rags out.   Hadn't cleaned out the washer yet.  I was having the time of my life don't cha know it? 

Now I know how to NOT wash paper towels. I hope it never happens again although it isn't the worst thing that could happen for sure.  All is good now.  I want a couple brownie's for sure.  Later's.......
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