Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heil Zum Diane Ogden

Today was a quiet day.  Cold as the dickens whatever the dickens means..... here in Wisconsin you never know what the next week might bring and so it is, today is was in the 50's overnight and the high was something like 62 degrees.  IN JULY!   I took Gracie dog to the Pet store for an outing as well as I needed kitty litter and some cat food that costs nearly a big bill.  No not $100 but it rang up at $70 with a $5 discount from one of the little cards you can keep on your key chain or until you get so many you just give your phone number to everybody and anybody at all checkouts.  Jeez I thought.  For litter, two bags of food, three small cartons of cat milk, catnip, two small treat bags....$70.00.....robbery I say. 

Then on the way home I decided to stop at a garage sale that wasn't in the garage but out in the cold Wisconsin air.  I didn't find much of anything except a small brass worn match box holder.  It said something German on it with a price of $2.00 so I bit and bought.  And low and home and went to see if I could find it on the Internet which I did for the most part.  I found some similar ones anyway.  Some on EBay ranged from $8.00 to $295.00.  Then I decided to see what the German words printed on it meant.  "Heil zum Sieg." 

I am from German descent and should have been able to tell what that mean just by saying it a couple times.  Heil zum Sieg.....Hail to Victory!  Hitlers insisted upon phrase to be said at all public gatherings while he persecuted millions.  I cant believe I bought that dang thing.   But then I suppose if I didn't associate it with Hitler I could consider it a good find.  We could all use a Hail to Victory every day of our lives.   Yeah, well I cant not ass-o-ciate it with donkey Hitler so I will continue to find if it has any value.  It has a name under the photo of the man who doesn't appear to be Hitler on the face of it.  I tried to get a photo of it but you must look carefully.  Used the computer camera whereas should have pulled out the canon I suppose.  Laters............
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