Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chasing Diane Ogden

Today was the day for LuluBelle to move to her new home.

 She has resided with me off and on for several years.  This past run was one year and eight months.  She isn't a trusting cat so I was never able to take her to pic her up much let crate her for a vet visit.  Although she has never been sick or even outside except the other day when she finally figure out she could jump the porch fence.  I got her back inside rather quickly though.  So no worries about catching anything.  Back to my point.

My daughter carried out the litter, two kitty beds, two bags of food, one gallon glass jar to mix the foods in, treats, catnip, brush, litter box, short cat tree, and some toys.  Then came time for her to pick up Lulubelle and gently put her in the carrier and take her home.  NOTSOMUCH!  (Photo is before Lulu realized what all this fuss was about!!

After about 45 minutes of chasing and hissing and water bottling as well as baby talking.  My daughter unbenounced to me asked the young couple moving in upstairs of me TODAY if he would help her.  I about fell off my mental boat/bridge etc.  So now three people are chasing this poor scared cat and the cat is winning.  When I walked back into my apartment/home all the furniture was strewn about, they had gloves on, towels in hand and the cat was still winning.  I went outside to de-stress myself.  

That is when after another twenty minutes my daughter comes walking out with LuluBelle in her carrier!  Then into the car and off to her new home.  (I am taking a deep breath as I type this) 
I said my goodbye to her and to the Grand daughter and daughter only to find out the young man that helped my daughter unbenounced to me got a serious scratch on his arm.  Once again I about fell off my emotional branch of life.   I must go tell him to doctor with Neosporin and that the cat is an indoor cat with no illness's OMG!! 

Now all I need is a loving home for Bob the "Bubby" Ogden.  I will miss him.  Just received a text photo of Lulubelle very happy in her bed on my daughter's bed.  She has waited a long time to go "home."   Happy Happy day.   So until the next fiasco, be safe, be well be happy.  LuLuBelle is!  As I am!  After today I could go for a good cigar about now.  But then I would just throw up.  Quit the smoking deal ten years ago come July 31st. 
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