Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vintage Diane Ogden

Today was a day of rest.  I have made it clear that the dust may live on here a bit longer.  I also told the dishes they may remain on the counter until tomorrow evening as there are enough glasses until then, although I am out of clean small spoons.  I informed the laundry it would have to deal with its own many different life odors one or three more days. I bought extra under's so I have time.

No, today was a do nothing day.  I checked my emails, my facebook, posted a photo on my friends blog, called my hairdresser who said he was working today and come on over.  Got the gray gone, some brown and blonde in!  And he blew it out straight.  Humm, not so sure about that.

Stopped at a little thrift shop and found a wicker clothes basket for $5.99, like new.  Stopped at the store for kitty milk for Bob the cat's fat tummy, and then to the Pink Poodle resale shop where I found the coolest shabby iron window planter.

  And a wicker elephant to match the chair I found in the garbage at the adjacent condo's.  A $500 chair in the garbage!  I still cannot find pillows to fit that thang under $169.00.  Do notice someone got stupid and put gold glitter under Mr. L.E. Phant and blue glitter on his eyes, and pink somewhere, I forgot.  People are going to think I did that.  doi.  I can sponge a tan color over the glitter, long as it doesn't rain too much.

 I also found a huge silk fern.  Love those huge silk ferns that require no water and leave no droppings anywhere.  All in all it was a good day for treasure hunting and a new doo.

  Not very interesting huh?  Would be if you found good stuff on a nice sunny Sunday. Oh and I am working diligently on my novel.  Reading it into my fancy phone and then listening to it so to catch errors.  I went back to my PDF version and tried to correct .....NOTSOMUCH!   I called my son in Los Angeles and asked him why I couldn't correct my book that we put on PDF?  He said, "Oh-oh... I hope you have the raw copy Ma.  Nope don't think so kiddo.  Guess I have to re type that whole book again.  Oh well, I am determined to get it done and published. 
So be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so you can hire people to retype the book, correct the grammar, and publish it.  Laters
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