Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Treasure Hunting....................by Diane Ogden

Today I had a day off.  That is a rare happening so I decided to go treasure hunting.  No not garage sales, rather antique stores.  I only made it to one but that was enough. I found several items I wanted but only purchased two.  I take photos when I shop.  Photos of things I want, find attractive, or merely like the way the display is set up.  This was my purchase:  Well half of it anyway. 
I purchased the Bell Glass but not the base as both would have broke the budget bank.  I have the little glass bottles that are inside this gorgeous piece.  Now I shall search for a base.  Then I ran across a wire basket which I hung in my boudoir but have not perfected what to put in it yet.  I placed the dried roses from my #3 son I saved from Mother's Day 2010 or 11 not sure.   A green pearl clutch purse, one of my Victorian hand made door hangers, (the oval peach piece) An antique photo frame, and a velvet dragonfly pillow, until I find something better.  It needs some taller pieces....
The rest of the photos are fun photos.  Since I was a small child I have wanted a merry go round horse (Big one) for my living room or setting room.  The one I saw I would buy and re-do for my Grand daughters room.  I would do it all in ivory and pinks with gold edgings. 
I emailed the photo to me but it seems to be taking days to arrive via Samsung Galaxy III.

I got tired of waiting for the real photo and found this online!  It sold for $22,000.00!!
Now that is a treasure.  I still want one. 
So until I find something funny, happy, or interesting.....be Safe, be Well, be Happy, and get rich like me so you can buy some of your dreams.  Like a $22,000.00 merry go round horse!  I would do it too!
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