Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shawn Christian of DOOL's Diane Ogden

I have been watching Days Of Our Live's for thirty some years... Could be more but I'm not sayin'.  I enjoy it because it makes my life look more wonderful than it is.  Although myself and the soap opera do have several things in common such as, marriages, (mine have been kept to a minimum of 3.5 not counting affairs) children, (oh yes!) Grandchildren, (oh yes!)  prison time, (well not me anyway thank God and myself) and no murders or kidnapping or buried alive chit!  And no blackmailing that I can recall.  Just kidding.  So what's my point?  Every evening when I watch Shawn Christian on DOOL I miss my son who could be his twin or at least his brother by appearance.  It is uncanny.  My son is Kyle Cody Ogden who moved to Los Angeles about eleven years ago per the advice of The Rock Agency of Madison, Wisconsin.  And yes he ended up living in his car for a time.  Broke his leg "WINNING" a bull riding contest.  Thank the Lord and his girlfriend at the time for nursing him back to health.  The next girlfriend obligingly took the cat I quilted him into taking to Cali with him considering he had taken on that responsibility.  (O M G What was I thinking??)  Cat got sick and cost a half a mill.  He also took his snake Jake along who got stuck up and under his truck cab frame that had to be taken apart at which time Jake got injured, had to go to Veterinarian at a $1,500 charge.   Up and coming actors cant Veterinarian charges and Veterinarian  wouldn't set up payment arrangements  nor give the pet snake back.  Good girlfriend at the time stepped up and visited Veterinarian as a stranger pretending to want to adopt said snake.  Vet let her adopt and home Jake came. A WIN! Then he and his girlfriend found a Chihuahua dog!  Peanut! They tried to find its owner to no avail. Cody rode his bike while Peanut rode in Cody's backpack.  When the man woman relationship went south she kept the cat and Peanut.  Thank God again. Then his truck died.  Cody is a carpenter who owns his own business called Helpful Hands Handyman Service, therefore having no truck is a disaster.  (Before he left Wisconsin he was hit by an undercover police officer and an ATT Phone Truck.  Yup sandwiched in his vehicle between them on an icy bridge.  The undercover cop didn't even give true information at the site.  Then the City and ATT brought in fancy schmancy big corporate attorneys.  There we sat like hicks from Hicksville with our one attorney against a room full of pretty blue suits and intimidating tall men who won. Well they gave Cody less than what his medical bills came to so his credit went to poop.($14,000 of which attorney got $8,000) And after the decision they all laughed and shook hands just like it was a football or baseball game.  It was. Except Cody has lifelong rotor cuff pain.  Sound like a soap opera? Oh yes and I have surely left things out on purpose.  I shared that story because that is why he couldn't go buy a truck. Medical bills killed his credit.  At this time my Father passed away and knowing Cody's plight he left his old truck to my son who truly needed it.  There was another reason my Father did this.  He told me a story about how his Grandpa Joseph Heiny gave him a car when Dad was around 18.  He told me he didn't really appreciate it like he should have and had regretful feelings about that fact until he was 86.  I believe giving Cody the 1998 truck with 60,000 miles on it (in 2012) was Dad's way of making KARMA right with his Grandfather back in 1944. Now...where was I?  Oh yes, Shawn Christian and Cody Ogden - brothers??  Maybe I will have to write the writers of DOOL's and or Ellen DeGeneres.  Oprah isn't up there doing favors anymore.   Cody goes to acting class every week.  Does auditions.  Has been an extra in a few movies, done a few small commercials...but hey time to move on up to the East Side!  Let me know what you think?   Maybe I should move to L.A. and become his agent.  Mother's get the job done for sure!

  Betcha cant tell which is Shawn Christian and which is Cody Ogden! Heads up DOOL!!

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