Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Near Death Experience..................by Diane Ogden

Richard and I had been divorced for many years but had remained friends.  I had asked him to keep his eye out for our son a new vehicle which  we had been conversing over for some time.  This day Richard called me and asked me if I had time to go view a truck he found for Adam.  I said, "Sure."
And so I readied myself and met him at the park n car ride by the Interstate.  We headed out in his vehicle which was a large Ford F250.  Something a person feels quite safe in considering the size not to mention to a woman it sounds like a jet engine when it accelerates.
We had pleasant conversation about nothing for about an hour.  We reached the designated city where the truck was to be test driven which we did.  Richard found the truck to be less than what he expected.  It had some major problems so back in the jet engine F250 and we headed home.
Richards phone rang just as we were exiting the Interstate and merging onto a major highway that surrounds our home city, population approximately 300,000 making it a busier thoroughfare than the Interstate.  After glancing over at him a few times I noticed his facial expression to be way out of the normal range.  I quietly asked him if everything was alright.  He did not respond in any way. He just held on to that phone as though someone informed him of a death in the family.  It was almost like he wasn't there.  And in fact I don't think he was.  That is when he let go of the steering wheel and was holding the phone with both hands.  Why?  What was going on?  I took the wheel with my left hand to steady the jet truck and maintain the right lane.  I said, "Richard." In a pleading voice.  No response.  That is when the jet truck started taking  on speed.   I said loudly, "Richard!"  Nothing. No response. I didn't have time to look at him to see if he was dead or what.

I suspected in my mind and heart he had decided to take us both out together in some magnificent display or need for attention CRASH suicide. The problem was this could kill others also. But to tell you the truth my mind wasn't thinking anything rational at that moment.  We were now accelerated to over one hundred miles an hour and I was driving this jet from the right side of the steering wheel while screaming for Richard to please help me.  To take his foot off the pedal.  To wake up. All I recall during this part of my near death experience is total and unexplainable FEAR as the truck wavered over yellow lines and back again .........I knew it was over. Would I be ejected as I had unbuckled my seat belt to be able to reach the steering wheel.

 I felt every pound of that two or three ton truck sway against the very air that sustained my life but was about to also take it away forever.
Every cell in my body was frozen in a million tight knots as were all my blood vessels and muscles and tendons.  I was about to die and holding on to life by a thread as we were up to 120 mph.
Then something told my totally frazzled brain to turn the key off and I did. I am not sure how I did that.  And............ 
that was after I woke up and decided that dream was straight out of hell and I needed to finish it so I could move from the hideous state of fear I was presently in.  No way could I have even made it to the bathroom!  I finished the dream by changing the fact that Richard was going to take us both out in some fireball of double suicide along with others.  That he had had a seizure and was unconscious with his foot stiffened on the accelerator.  So I turned the key (fear) off and the jet truck slowly and without power steering came to a stop in the middle lane of the major highway.  I then dialed 911 but to my surprise there were already three or four squads out of nowhere all around me.

Others had called about a runaway jet truck on Highway 215 East. Richard was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and survived never to invite me on any little trips to anywhere. (He knew I would never get into that jet truck again!)   Me, I was able to get out of that bad dream, stand up, breath, and get to the rest room in time. 

Until then, be SAFE, be well, be happy, and getting rich wont stop the bad dreams.  Or will it?
Later's......Those dreams just wear me out!
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