Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grumpy Butt Day in Madison, Diane Ogden

I woke up at 8:05 with the same thought I went to bed with.  "Have to get to the car was with the Buick so I can sell "her."  She has no plates on her!  My daughter was here and I decided I hadn't done anything illegal for about 30-40+ years and this was the day for it.  We couldn't get the plates off the new Honda CRV to put on the old Buick to "giter" to the car wash so once more I made an "adult" decision to go anyway.  I put an old license plate from 2001 in the back window like the OKIES and the Rednecks do off we went down the road.  No duck tape though.  Got to the car wash and asked if they would vacuum out the trunk.  They said, "Yes maam that will be $2.50 more."
Good Lord I agreed.  No one smiled.  That might just be because I asked the lil Mexcian man with the vacuum hose in his hand if he could speak English.  I was so embarr -ASS-ed of myself.  Of course he said yes.  I should have known better.  It just came out of my mouth like stupid on rye. 
After such a social embarrassing moment we head on inside the Car Wash where they have two parrots who have lived there for as long as I can recall.  Probably at least twenty years. Seewee."  They came right down and twisted and turned their heads talking and clicking their beaks at her.  I went to the counter to communicate money with the young girl who must have gone out last night as she was sour grapes.  My Dad would have said, "Look at the puss on that face?"  Meaning she "aint" a happy girl person.  No matter what I said and all with a giant smile because I was happy I made the four mile trip and wasn't in jail for driving a vehicle without proper plates.  In fact with an old, I mean old used one (plate) sitting in the window.  At one point on the way a police cruiser pulled in behind me and I was quite sure it was all over but the booking.Turned out to be a security car, no po-po!  I know I would have only gotten a ticket that would have cost me more than the $75 plates needed to drive it until it is sold.  O well, we made it.  And on the way out, SeeWee's both said, "BYE" to us over and over. They were the only happy people we ran into at that car wash.  Even the customers were grumpbutts.  Must have been some bad energy floating around there.   Now all I have to do in go back out and get some FORSALE signs which I forgot!  Going on Craig's List today!!  OMG I have attachment issues.  Later on that. 
(My daughter has the ability to communicate with animals more so than most of us.....and so she did with said Parrots both named "SeeWee!")
So be well, be happy, be safe, and get rich so you can give your old cars away and not have to sell them.  Laters
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