Saturday, June 22, 2013

Civil War Spirits in the Living Diane Ogden

Today I took on a special job for an old friends friend.  And it is Saturday, what was I thinking?  After speaking the initial YES I CAN DO THAT, I had to find someone to help me DO THAT.  Low and behold the name of Danielle is the person that came through for me and my friends friends. She would be my Granddaughter. So.... Here's the deal.  My friends friend rented a house in town for 8 weeks at an exuberant price. (Personally I would demand and refund and go to a Hotel with a pool) It seemed to fit her and her children's needs as well as it is very quaint indeed.  Four bedrooms, one being on the top floor with a balcony and view of the fairy gardens out back.  Or gargoyle gardens, take your pick.

Glass bottles with other glass bottles atop them adorned the shelves as well as at least a hundred smooth rocks and iron birds, shells, pottery, silver do da days, candles, and many  statutes of women from other countries and dimensions I would say.  Glass frogs...too.

Every bed was adorned with a feather mattress!  No chitski really.  Artwork and family photos were everywhere.  There wasn't a nook or cranny with nothing in it.  Nor a wall with nothing on it.  Lamps from another time and place dotted the entire house.  Green Antique wicker love seat and chairs took over the glassed in front porch with an antique flowered rug runner from the 30's-40's.  And more statues.  The floors were all old oak that needed refinishing.  An old claw foot tub someone tried to paint but the paint shall find its way into someone's donkey (ass) if they aren't careful as it is chipping badly.  It was a hell of a job in every sense of the word.  Fans full of dust, photos full of dust, every glass bottle, rock and statue full of dust.  Dust under over and in everything.

 In the living room I sensed men from the Civil War.  More than one spirit was hanging around in that room.  They were not bothering me and I didn't feel they wanted to bother anyone.  They just wanted to be there.  I believe they had attached themselves to some of the artifacts in that room.  I also felt someone hiding.  Like in wartime the house hid people. Or just hid people from the public.  I just knew this. I was raised in Texas therefore I studied Texas State History, not Wisco State History.  It's neither here nor there as I believe as I said that these men had attached themselves to something in the room.

I was working in the kitchen putting dishes away when I opened the silverware drawer and what to my surprise .......a little fat gray MOUSE slowing scampered away from me across the eating utensils!  I proceeded to scream, and scream and scream.  I am sure he pooped himself from fear of me.  I did not do likewise but I did scream and scream and scream all the way outta the kitchen. I am dang surprised my heart didn't attack me!  I stood in that old dining room jogging in one spot still making mouse reactive noises.  I finally finished my mouse act and wandered back in the kitchen. I never did clean the toaster or toaster oven cause those critters like the crumbs in there.  (Okay so he wasn't as cute as this lil one I found on google) My mouse was old and fat and dirty and yukkie! 

So after 4.5 hours of dust and grease and mirrors ands gargoyles and Nickie knacks of the antique and soul journey nature pieces such as rocks, we finished!!  Yes finished.  Now all I needed was a good long hot shower.  Pretty sure none of those Civil War guys followed me home. I'm not into that.....

So until I find something funny or interesting.  Be well, Be safe, Be happy, and get rich even though it wont protect you from MOUSES! I will pay for THERAPY!   Laters
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