Saturday, June 8, 2013

BAM, YOUR DEAD Part Diane Ogden

Bam your dead, and you left some good "stuff" behind, AND your children were of the upper es-cha-launce of brain activity and went thru every piece of your property. I think they call that class. And they kept much of it or found good places for "it" being the treasures of their Mother!

I walked into a clients home the day after I wrote the Bam...Your DEAD Part I, and was shocked at what I saw.  I saw a restoration of my faith in the "Afterlife of the dead mothers brochure."  Crass huh?  Where did all that class go I was talking about.  Where is the upper es-cha-launce of my brain activity?  I'll  tell you where...   it rose up like Jesus on the third day.  I was like a kid at a cupcake party when I started looking thru all those beautiful dresses, hats, purses, fur boa's and fur hand warmer, purple leather jacket too.  The dresses may not fit anyone, but they were amazing Gatzby dresses.  And she passed away last year for God sakes.  No kids ran to her home and stuffed it all in big BLACK dead garbage bags and drove it to a strange drop off.  Mother's life was dropped off.   Well not the Mother I saw thru photos and belongings.  Why I felt like I knew her.  Like she lived on even thru a stranger like myself.  I offered her property good energy and she in turn did like for me.  It was a good day after the Bam You Dead Part I!  Timing is everything they say and that is what I would consider "Perfect Timing."
Be well, Be safe, Be Happy, and don't die,  Unless your kids have class and upper es-cha-launce of the brain.  Obviously I cannot spell that so sound it out.  And that does not mean I am not smart.  I am.
Later's  And Good Nite......Darlings!                                

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