Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treasure Diane Ogden

I saw this at a clients home today.
  I stood there turning the jar around and around trying to find more hidden treasures buried within its glass walls.  It appeared to contain items from around 1949-1950s.
One half of an old set of dice.  Don't you just wonder where that came from?  Did they sit on a bar for years doing dice games. (obviously I don't know the names of those games)  Did they belong to a teeneagers old Monopoly game?  Were they stolen from a gambling table in Vegas or maybe Europe! An old matchbox car, marbles, an old wooden NOT PLASTIC empty spool that used to hold thread.  Poker Chips, a wooden airplane, and much more.  In fact as I was walking around the kitchen I noticed three little critters sitting on the window sill.  Those critters, A cow, a pig, and a red chicken brought back some serious memories.  Back in the early early 50's my brother and I would take his huge farm set out to our back yard.  We would put the farm on one side of our river, dug out dirt with aluminum foil in the base to hold our river water.  On the other side of the aluminum river we had a war happening.  All of his little plastic army men hiding behind branches we plucked off bushes along with army tanks and the like.  Not sure why. Guess because its all we had.

 Army men laying on the ground with guns pointed at the cows and chickens and such.  That jar certainly did hold a treasure of memories for me today.
And notice the price!  $8.50 wow.  That is a jar that should just sit on a shelf for viewing for another sixty years.
Well, until I run into something interesting, funny, or happy,  Be well, Be safe, Be happy and get rich like me so you can buy jars full of treasures to do nothing special with but to look at. 
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