Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Little Red Shoes Under Diane Ogden

There have been times in my life when the spirit moves me to make a left turn "out of the blue," which I listen to most of the time.  And each time spirit takes me to an unusual set of circumstances I would have otherwise missed.   And so, this story is one of those left turns my brain wasn't too busy to listen to.
It was rush hour, well not like Los Angeles rush hour, but none the less it was our little rush hour.  I told myself to relax in it, the rush hour that is.   And that is when I heard the still small voice shout, TURN LEFT!  The voice was so from outer space that I did exactly that.  I turned left, that being the opposite direction as home, but I still did it. And there it was not far down the street. My favorite store.  A store I have been known to frequent on occasion and while frequenting take photos of all the things I want.  Then I go home and put the favorites on my dream board.  And this day I was led directly to it.    I walked around the store gazing for a LONG time at the big and small unique items that seemed to take me to new places, making me feel like I am in a wonderful dream, same as some movies do to our senses, they take us away....

I finally purchased something I have been searching for over a year. A glass stand with a glass cover. Picture a miniature cake dish on a pedestal with a cover. The purchase is for the little baby shoes Daniel made Danielle in "memory" of her baby. The spirit moved me to the two women who were so busy they didn't notice I was there for some time. When she, the owner, turned to me, I told her I found the perfect little "keeper" I had been looking for. The owner knew I had been searching for this piece for some time. I calmly said, "This is to display a pair of baby shoes for a baby that has passed on. The teenage Mother lost her baby before it was born and we as mother's know we, "never  forget." You could have heard a pin drop! I said, "Her Father is in prison unable to comfort her as he would like and need to, so he made her a pair of memory shoes out of red and silver candy wrappers." The two women were so touched it had to be God speaking from my spirit. Then the owner said, "Why don't you put a sprig of Christmas green in with the shoes and some snow flakes to give it life and keep its memory alive and for each season change something in or around it like in Autumn a colored leaf and in Spring a flower....and so on." I said, "That was a wonderful idea."

Then I told them someone on the Internet caught the photo of the artistic baby shoes made of paper candy wrappers I had posted and asked permission to use them in a magazine. These women were in total awe of my true story. Then they rang me up and as I left to walk away...I turned, looked back, and said, "The Young girl is my Granddaughter and the man is her Father,  my son." There was a spiritual moment in time that seemed like dreaming forever.....then.....

The one lady said, "Thank You for sharing."   And the shoes live on.  I wish the child had. 

So until next time.....  Be happy, Be Safe, and Be Well.....  And be WISE. Being Rich doesn't help with this one.
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