Friday, May 10, 2013

Pop Diane Ogden

This reminds me of my blog post where the guy stacked pallets this high holding them all on with one strap.  And I was behind that one too!  I did have a thought that somehow the back door would break and all those cans would be on top of the Buick. As I had the same fear or worse behind the pallot king.  The entire several miles I followed this fellow only one can came flying out and bounced around on the road. 

I tried to pass so I could get a photo  of how humongous this trus was but realized how dangerous that would be trying to get beside him to get  a photo of the whole real deal so I held back from that deep desire.  This is not a truck by the way.  It is a very large screened in trailer the size of a motor home with a pick up truck pulling it.  Seriously.  I just wonder how many cans were in that trailer and where it was going and how much $ the fellow was going to make AND who picked up all those cans.   Isn't that the "sighting of the day?"  I was like a kid in a candy store when I spotted this one.  I said to myself,  "OMG a blog post for me friends."

What I have to say is:  Stay safe in case you follow the kind of trucks I do!    Laters
p.s. It used to be "South of the Border fellows that drove these crazy carriers, but now it seems to be Americans."  Things are s-l-o-w-l-y turning backwards.  I read once that the devil works ever so slowly so that we don't notice the change until it's too late.  Nite.
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