Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden Of Diane Ogden

Life is like a garden of flowers.

Some of the flowers flourish and some die away. There are many reasons, but mostly it is just life. Life is a gift that many people misuse and many take for granted. Either way it is a gift. The rivers that feed the gardens run smooth sometimes and the valleys are fresh with knowledge and warmth from the wisdom of the sun. Then there are times when the rivers swell and the banks overflow and the valleys fill with dredge and shadows and darkness. Pain evolves forever from these times. But the sun always shines again. The wisdom comes through and the knowledge is everlasting. So which do you take? The darkness or the light? The pain or the warmth of the sun? One is of the higher power we call God and the other is not. The God I learned of overcame the darkness every time. One way or the other he overcame. Have you been in the valleys and have you been in the storms? The pain is difficult, yet goodness can smother it with the warmth of the sun. Hear these words within the walls of your flesh. The sun shall not set another day that you don't hear this wisdom. Let it shine through you and then shine onto others like the glow of a million stars, whether it be at a grocery store or a mall or even a gas station, on the phone, or in your home. See through the valleys of storms and rise above them. Show others how to rise above them so not to be caught in them. Remember it is not about what is in your head, it is not about what is in your body, it is not about what has happened to you in the past or present with money or security. It is about your spirit and how you flourish for yourself and others in the garden of life.

Okay, I will try to find something less serious tomorrow. Maybe even funny....who knows. Until then, be safe, be well, be happy and get rich cause its easier
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