Sunday, May 5, 2013

Karate to the Diane Ogden

As you all know I have the oldest car in the underground parking where I live.  But I also may be the only one without a payment.  And I like-a no payment-a.  The old girl is a bit of rust on her.  Her
front end has a cracked bushing both of which I wholeheartedly can relate to.  Her fuel pump is giving way they tell me.  Again I understand.  Her dash lights are not only dimming, but finally gone.  Cant tell if I have gas or no gas.  Cant go by the trip set cause that light is out too.   The old term "lights out" has new meaning for me.  As you know I ran out of gas in rush hour traffic only to get a lecture from a young pup who probably has a car payment and working dash lights.  What's my point?   I will tell you.  The other day it was raining a considerable amount.  I rolled my passenger side widow (ha, I may be the Buick's widow soon) WINDOW I meant to type, to tell the young man to put my groceries in the back seat.  It was at that time, "it," the window, refused to go back up. Oh yes, in the rain all the way home to its underground stall and then some time longer.  I came up to my apartment feeling in a "what am I going to do" mode. Fuel pump, Bushing, dash lights, I forgot the hubcap that flew off, and Clicker I accidentally threw in the trash bin, body work and so on. I stopped thinking and I walked back down to her stall and I opened my drivers door where the controls are for that window. Note I had tried everything else and none of the controls for that window would work. I knew a new power motor would cost an east $200 +.  Then I got mad.  I leaned the old body back, raised the old leg and karate chopped the door handle holding those power window controls!!  Yes I did!!  As I kicked it the window went back up on its own.  Must have been stuck and I unstuck it.  Good for me. I guess I still have a little punch left in me too.

I remember the old days when our TV's wouldn't work.  All we had to do most of the time was hit it!
Back then we had tubes inside the TV's so hitting it would put a tube or two back to place.  I am just glad the window is up.  I have a piece of duct tape (omg) on the one control so I don't accidentally put it down again....  I know I know its time to get new wheels.  I hate car payments.... 

So until the next time:  Be safe, be well, be happy, and get rich so you can pay cash for a better car.
I cant complain, the old Buick has taken good care of me for several years.  Amen

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