Monday, May 27, 2013

Have you ever been blindsided?
Today I was picking up something in the sun room to take it to my Granddaughters who were in my bedroom. It has been a busy weekend meaning I have been going pretty fast at everything I have done so to complete the list of to do's.  That being said, I grabbed what I was after, turned around to walk back to the bedroom where Karli and Kennede were playing and something out of NOWHERE hit me really hard on the top left side of my head. Like a fist, to the place of confusing me.  I immediately stopping and looked all around and there was NOTHING.  NOTHING I TELL YOU!   I kept looking up and down and right and left. Nothing.  And I was hit hard!!  I immediately thought it was from the spirit world as I have heard of such things.  In fact it has happened to me in my sleep where something slaps my on my back or shoulder hard enough to woke me up. Dream or reality, it has happened more than once to me.  Some one obviously wants attention from another world.  Anyway!  The tears started to roll down my face as I became frightened.  This was no Angel of peace, this was a demon that smacked me hard.  Hard enough to give me a headache and I cant see a thing that could have caused it.  I even thought it might be my passed on Dad thumping me for something I said to my mentor about him. That was a mere momentary thought I assure you.
Then it hit me my brain.  I had turned so quickly and as I turned LuLu, my daughters live in resident cat MAY HAVE LEAPED off the top of the antique wardrobe which is over seven foot tall and zeroed in on the top side of my head like a missile with all her 10 pounds to the place I had a headache as I said, and was confused also.  I noticed her over by the bar on the floor  now that I can think back. But that was fifteen feet from me and the fact it might have been her didn't dawn on me until five minutes after the missile hit (attack).  We had a major collision as she was in mid air. 
I would say weird....  She seems to be OK, nothing broken so far.  But then I haven't seem much of her since.  She may never sleep up there again.  And I may check on her whereabouts before I walk past there again.  I would say that was one in a million chance to happen. If in fact it did. And I thought it was satan's army whacking me out.   That is one fast cat ...... I must have been so shocked when it happened that I never saw or heard that cat jump.  And if she did hit me I never heard her meow, or scream, or hit the floor or run or anything. You know, now that I think about it.  Maybe she did it on purpose.  She is pretty ticked off at me for bringing that new cat Bob Ogden into this home.  And come to think of it, I never did she her actually jump or run off from me. So maybe it was Satan or ???  All I know is that is one of the strangest things that has every happened to me in my life. 
Sooo....until I experience another unexplainable thump on the head that felt like a real fist, or I find something funny or happy..... be well, be safe, be happy, and watch out for flying cats or satan's crowd.  Oh and get rich like me.
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